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International Moving: The Best Expat Resources and Websites

International MovingUnsure of where to get support and guidance on your move abroad? Gerson Relocation has put together this vital resource to assist those relocating overseas.

To successfully relocate overseas, you need two things: support and infrastructure. Whether you are moving for your career or for personal reasons, it’s important to minimise the potential issues of an international move. Original research by HSBC reveals that expats often worry about establishing a new social network, missing friends and family, and fitting into their new job role abroad.

These obstacles can be overcome with the help of specialist resources and materials.

Your Relocation Provider

If your organisation has engaged a Relocation Service provider to support you in moving to a new location, using similar services to those that we offer at Gerson Relocation, you’ll have experts on hand to help you settle into your new location.

Here are some of the services that Gerson Relocation provides to help you move around the world:

As a source of knowledge and support, there isn’t anywhere better to turn than a specialist service provider like Gerson Relocation.

Government-Specific International Moving Resources

As part of any move to a new location, it is important to know where your local Embassy is and how to contact them. Embassies are well-equipped to help you deal with problems that arise through no fault of your own. You can find your nearest embassy using this website:

Each embassy may also have their own list of resources tailored to your local area.

Online Resources

Fortunately, you’re not the first person (or company) to move abroad. As a result, there are many excellent expat resources available on the internet. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite resources for expats below:

British Expat is a network of British expats from all over the world. It features useful articles written by expats in the United States, Australia and Europe.

This online expat resource is particularly useful due to its active forums. Thousands of users post every day, prompting discussions about destinations all over the globe. The website features topics of discussion relevant to local areas and national points of interest.

Expat Focus

Expat Focus is one of the best all-around expat websites you’ll find online. It features the following:

  • Unique pages for 82 countries
  • Guides on overseas finances, moving abroad and buying property
  • Property listings
  • Expat-specific blogs, articles and podcasts
  • An active forum for communities across the globe

Expat Focus is a one-stop shop for all your relocation needs. There is plenty of information on the website that is suitable for both experienced expats and beginners.

Link Expats

Maintaining an active social life is key to a successful international experience. But meeting new people in a foreign country can be difficult, especially due to cultural differences and language barriers.

Link Expats is both an online expat resource and a social meeting place for those living abroad. You can search your new nation by local areas and find expats from similar backgrounds as yourself, enabling you to meet new people.

Expat Network

Expat Network contains important information for expats on a range of topics, from money advice and retiring abroad, to buying property and healthcare.

The website contains a library of resources relating to working overseas. You can find advice on working overseas and search for work. Expat Network lists many overseas jobs, breaking them down by industries, territories, recruiters and more.

With over two million members, you’ll struggle to find a larger online expat resource in the world of international moving than Here, you’ll find support and discussion forums for every country on the planet, from Argentina to Zimbabwe.

Discussion boards in less popular regions may be less active. The primary reason to use this website is for its individual guides on relocating to specific regions and cities across the world. Expect to find the following for each region:

  • Available housing
  • Job offers
  • Upcoming events
  • Local expat bloggers
  • Regional communities

Share Your Online Expat Resources

Are you an expat living overseas right now?

Are you an HR representative or international recruiter who relocates international assignees?

Share your tips and favourite resources with us in the comments of the blog. We’d love to hear about your stories of successful moves abroad.

Are you facing an upcoming international moving project? Gerson Relocation are here to help move your people overseas. We can help support your moving goals and provide bespoke international relocation solutions. Get in touch now to arrange a tailored pre-move survey.

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