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Global Mobility Services to support your international employee moves

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    What is Global Mobility?

    Global mobility means the international movement of a business and is a multidisciplinary term that covers finance, payroll, tax, HR and all aspects of your international business. Due to the expertise required, this is something that is usually supported by global mobility services for businesses by international relocation specialists, like Gerson Relocation.

    Why is Global Mobility necessary?

    Our modern world is more connected than ever. Business is no longer done within the bounds of one country. It extends over borders, reaching new international markets, and accessing worldwide customers and talent. This will require seamless international moves between countries for individuals in your company’s workforce. A seamless transition should encompass all levels of the process, including a professional working level and on a personal level for your employees.

    Global mobility is just that: the ability of a company’s workforce to successfully move internationally. Your business will need to accommodate for the following things and much more when navigating a global move:

    • Visas and Immigration law
    • International tax and employment law
    • Logistics of international relocation
    • Cultural training and acclimation
    • Cost Management

    But international expansion requires more than your business’ typical tactics and HR strategies. Instead, success in global markets requires smarter global tactics and global HR strategies to tackle new problems when and where they arise.

    Supporting Global Mobility

    We understand the challenges and expectations that are placed upon teams coordinating Global Mobility programs today.

    Global Mobility is expected to enable the smooth running of your organisation’s international business. Ensuring you have the right people, in the right place and exactly when they are required. At the same time, you are likely to be juggling many priorities, personalities, complex compliance requirements and under pressure to demonstrate greater value to the business.

    What are Global Mobility Services?

    The meaning of Global Mobility Services is a comprehensive solution offered, typically, by international relocation companies that supports your Global Mobility strategies and eases the management of the various challenges and pressure points for your business. Our award-winning global mobility services support you by meeting these demands and alleviating some of the pressures from your Global Mobility department or Global Human Resource Management team.

    As Global Mobility programs and international business have evolved, our business and our services have grown and kept pace with the latest trends and technology. We maintained our focus on people, service excellence and ensuring the best possible customer experience. Take a look below for the services that we offer as part of our Global Mobility support.

    Providing relocation solutions to support employers and their relocating employees

    Everything we do starts with understanding what is most important to you. Whether you need help reducing service issues, opening in a new location or starting your Global mobility programme from scratch, then we can help. Our Global Mobility service is flexible, scalable and delivers exceptional levels of service quality. We create a service based around you.

    Global Mobility Programme Management

    As part of any engagement we provide you with our Programme Management  package. This provides your team with a Client Services Manager, an experienced client service coordination team to support your relocating employees and access to our relocation technology with reporting. This delivers an accessible and responsive service for you and your employees.

    Full relocation service capability and flexibility

    Our core Global Mobility services include Household Goods Moving, Expense Management, Relocation Services and Independent Advisory services, meaning the major elements of global mobility services will be taken care of. What’s more, you can select Gerson Relocation to manage all, or a combination of, each of these services, or we can work as part of a network of your preferred partners or as your primary mobility partner, providing end-to-end management of each of your employee relocations. We do everything to accommodate your existing global mobility framework.

    Services including Global Coverage and Compliance

    Our global network consists of over 1,200 approved partners worldwide who have sourced, rigorously reviewed and selected as the best-in-class providers in each location for each of our Global Mobility services. They are managed via our Supply Chain Management team to ensure we meet our global compliance obligations and our service quality commitments. This offers greater flexibility and scalability over an own-office based service model. Speak to us if you wish to review your suppliers worldwide.

    In-house Global Mobility services in the UK

    As a company that manages service providers globally, we are somewhat unique in that we also deliver our services in-house. In the UK we have our own warehouse, crews, fleet and relocation team. This detailed level of operational expertise enables us to manage our approved service partners providing these services in other locations and their costs better than a company that outsources everything.

    End-to-end case management and accountability

    We take responsibility for all global mobility services we manage for you. In every case we provide a Relocation Manager to be your assignee’s primary point of contact and the person to guide them through their relocation. We take responsibility for the success of the services they receive and ensure they have an exceptional relocation experience.

    Global Mobility Programme implementation

    From managing the transition of your complete international relocation programme, to implementing new services and locations, we offer an experienced implementation and transition team to support your global mobility programme. We ensure absolute continuity of service at all times and make switching to Gerson Relocation seamless. Read more about the importance of global mobility policies.

    Global group moves

    Relocating large groups of employees as part of your Global Mobility strategy? Not a problem. Our team offers specialist group relocation services. We help you plan budgets and manage the relocation of each individual employee, wherever they may be in the world.

    Services that create value for our clients

    We create value in lots of ways:

    • Why not utilise our independent advisory panel to review your policies and optimise your global mobility programme
    • Make use of our thought leadership content and events to stay ahead
    • Adopt our moving and relocation services to reduce the cost of service issues
    • Benefit from the cost efficiencies of our global network

    There are many different ways we deliver value to our clients every day.

    Need help optimising the management of your Global Mobility administration? Call us.

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