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International Movers Reveal How to Get a Graduate Job Overseas

Are you a graduate or soon-to-be graduate in search for career opportunities overseas? Gerson Relocation offers up expert tips on how to get your dream job.

The international job market is thriving for British citizens.

It was recently reported that more British residents live and work abroad than those from any other Western nation. Unsurprisingly, it was a combination of not only career progression but also better climates that drew five million people away from the British Isles.

While sunshine is a contributing factor to a happier life in those moving for retirement, the report highlighted a disparity between age groups when it came to reasons behind international relocation. The younger generations, those classed as millennials, specifically, aren’t moving overseas for warmer winters, but because they see opportunities to enhance their career profile and build a more stable economic future.

The success of others inspires many graduates to pursue careers overseas and millennials are flocking abroad in record numbers to boost their career prospects. But this begs the question:

What Are the Career Benefits for Graduates Working Overseas?

The potential for career enhancement is driving British graduates overseas, but why? We’ve worked with countless professionals on overseas assignments and know exactly what working abroad means for progression in the workplace. These are the key points our expert international movers have to make about why getting a job overseas is a powerful career enhancer:

  • Climb the Ladder Faster — As a British graduate living and working in the UK, your experience and qualifications might not stand out. However, as a British graduate living and working in, say, Singapore, they certainly will. Being different sets you apart and helps you gain a stronger foothold in your career — and do so quicker — as you don’t have to compete with an army of near-identical applicants.
  • Stand Out Back Home — Upon returning home after your work placement overseas, you can apply the exact same reasoning to acquiring work domestically. Now you have experience that is rare in your industry, experience that sets you apart and makes you a more interesting, viable candidate. Working successfully overseas proves to recruiters that you are adaptable and capable of working in new and challenging environments. The further afield you go and the larger the differences in culture, the better.
  • Improve Communication Skills — Communication in the workplace is vital. It is something most recruiters are keen on making sure you can do. Demonstrating that you were able to successfully work and communicate with co-workers through language and cultural barriers overseas sets you up for success in almost any job interview.
  • Build ConfidenceOverconfidence is a turnoff for recruiters, but just the right level can result in landing your dream graduate job. Gaining genuine confidence is difficult early in your career, but working abroad can help. If you can prove to yourself that you can move to a foreign country, manage the stress of moving and starting a new job, work through cultural barriers and still accomplish your work effectively, you won’t have any trouble with confidence during a domestic job interview.
  • Create Global Networks — Having a network of contacts can be the key to career success. People like to work with those they know and recruiters often take on board recommendations from colleagues and their own pool of contacts. The more expansive your network, the better your prospects. Working abroad helps with this in two ways. The first is that it means you meet more people (and different kinds of people), building a larger network than you could have domestically. The second is that your global network of contacts can provide value to certain businesses, especially if you create relationships with people and companies in international markets that other businesses would want to work with. Your network can be a valuable bargaining tool when it comes to impressing recruiters.

International Movers Talk Graduate Work Abroad

A desire to work abroad certainly helps a graduate’s chances of actually making the international leap, but wanting it to just be so isn’t enough. The process of acquiring a job is far from easy. Between complex immigration processes and workplace competition, gaining work placements abroad can seem impossible.

One of the best ways for a graduate to find work abroad is to gain sponsorship through a current or proposed employer. Brands and businesses with established links overseas can bypass a lot of the immigration nightmares and job market woes that befall those without corporate backing.

However, getting a placement in this manner is not always simple, either. Recruiters and employers can be apprehensive about sending graduates abroad, making it tough for millennials to secure their dream job overseas.

There are steps graduates and students can take to improve their chances of gaining employment abroad. International movers, Gerson Relocation, have produced this infographic on how to get ahead and secure an overseas job placement.

An infographic showing the benefits of getting a graduate job overseas

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