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Ensuring an exceptional international assignment experience


    Relocation services for your international assignment

    If you are going on an international assignment with your employer, a relocation support package can help. At Gerson Relocation, our expertise allows you to focus on making your new role a success in the knowledge that everything is being taken care of in the background.

    What are relocation services?

    The term “relocation” relates to the broader process of finding a home which can include but is not limited to arranging schooling, the actual moving of household goods and the process of settling in and adjusting to the new environment. “Relocation services” are designed to support this broader requirement, encompassing both the logistical and emotional needs of the family unit.

    What is an employee relocation package?

    An employee relocation package is a financial benefit that a company provides to assist with your international relocation. The expenses will be agreed upon with your company, and they may wish to assist with the whole move, or perhaps cover transport and accommodation.

    Your Client Services Manager

    At Gerson Relocation, we provide professional relocation services to ease the entire process. We provide our customers with an experienced Client Services Manager who will be your primary point of contact throughout your relocation. They will expertly guide you through each stage and provide you with support whenever you need it.

    Pre-assignment consultation

    Your Gerson Client Services Manager will conduct your initial consultation call to understand your specific requirements. This will cover everything and will be the perfect opportunity for you to ask any questions or gain extra information. We will then develop a relocation plan that is tailored to your and your company’s needs.

    Focusing on your relocation experience

    At Gerson Relocation, we understand that the relocation process can seem a daunting prospect. It is our priority to ensure that your experience is smooth-running and effective, with a focus on delivering the best possible service. In our years of managing international relocations, we have found that by focusing on understanding the needs of the people we relocate first, everything works better.

    By taking this approach, the people we relocate are happier and better prepared for their arrival at their new location. Relocation costs are also managed based on needs and what is going to create the best outcomes. By focusing on ensuring the relocation experience is managed as effectively as possible, we create better results for everyone.

    Integrating moving and relocation

    Our relocation services extend beyond expert management and support. As the selected household goods international mover, we can combine the home move as part of a complete international relocation services package. Below are some of the key moving services we offer:

    Area orientation

    Moving to a new country can be intimidating, especially if you are new to the culture. As part of a pre-assignment visit, our team of Client Services Managers and local area experts work together to ensure you are supported locally, are familiarised with your new location and are able to settle easily.

    Lady in a red jumper looking across a river

    Airport collections

    We ensure all transfers are by a reputable, approved and friendly driver. Our airport collection service is designed to keep you safe when travelling to your new location. Having a planned mode of transport for your arrival in a new country will make the process simple, and will avoid the need for public transport and last-minute arrangements.

    Serviced and temporary accommodation

    Serviced accommodation is useful for business travellers and short-term assignments. It costs roughly the same as a hotel per night if you are staying longer than 28 nights which makes them popular and therefore difficult to source. Our team of experienced Client Services Managers and our local area experts have preferential arrangements in key destinations and can find serviced apartments in line with the needs of your relocation and budgets. Where serviced accommodation is not the best option, we are able to provide a range of alternative options to suit your requirements.

    Lounge with modern interior design

    Home search – for rentals

    Finding the right leased property is a challenge in any location. As part of our international relocation service, our team of Client Services Managers and locally based home search consultants will help you find the perfect rented accommodation that meets your needs.  Your relocation policy, budget and local legislative requirements will also be taken into account.

    Terrace houses on a street

    School searches

    As one of the biggest considerations of anyone relocating, your children’s education is something that needs to be approached carefully. Our team of Client Services Managers and local education experts will find education options and schools that provide your children with a safe and happy education.

    Children attending a school

    Moving services

    We manage the door-to-door movement of your household goods. Our service includes the pre-move survey, professional packing, shipping, storage, customs clearance and delivery to your new home. We will ensure that your belongings are transported safely and securely.

    Packing up your home Gerson

    Settling in

    Settling in is undoubtedly one of the most important elements of a relocation service. With Gerson Relocation you do not have to feel alone. From learning about your new country to getting your utilities connected in your home, our team of Client Service Managers and local experts will be on-hand to provide you with the support that you need.

    A couple meeting a settling-in specialist

    Cultural training

    Relocating to a new country can be extremely confusing due to cultural differences between each location. Our cultural training providers will remove the culture shock you may face in your new home location, and will provide the necessary advice and support to help you adjust.

    Man shaking hands with a lady in a professional environment

    Language training

    It’s difficult for you and your family to settle when you don’t understand the local language. Our language training providers can help you and your family learn the language of your new country to give you a head start.

    Man giving a training presentation

    Partner support

    The growing number of dual career families means that companies relocating their employees often need to support their partner’s career aspirations as part of a relocation process. Our partner support process assists your accompanying partner in furthering their career whilst on assignment.

    Happy couple in their new home with their dog

    Tenancy management

    If you are in a rental property whilst on assignment, our tenancy management service ensures that repairs are completed and that landlords honour the terms of their lease. Our tenancy management experts will manage everything from lease agreements to inventories and deposit recovery.

    Business man writing on a clipboard

    Leases and lease renewal

    Our lease review service helps to prevent unusual clauses and costs being included. We also manage the renewal process where required. Our Client Services Managers and tenancy management experts can also renegotiate the lease as part of the relocation service.

    Signing a document

    Departure services

    Ending an assignment is just as complex as beginning one. Our departure services ensure you have all the support you need to finalise and close down all local commitments such as lease termination, utility disconnection, and memberships before moving back to your home country, or to the next assignment location.

    Two business women walking through an airport with luggage

    Worldwide relocation services

    Our relocation services are available worldwide and we only use the best and accredited partners in each destination. This includes everything from pre-move services, to settling-in services and everything else required to support the people we relocate. Our service is designed to take any unwanted pressure off your shoulders to make your relocation an enjoyable process.

    Two business professionals shaking hands with a global map in the background

    Need expert guidance to ensure your relocation goes to plan? Speak to Gerson Relocation today.

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