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    Marco Bongers Appointed As Operational Director Of Gerson Relocation BV

    Marco Bongers Appointed as Operational Director of Gerson Relocation BV

    Gerson Relocation BV are pleased to announce the appointment of Marco Bongers as Operational Director. …

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    Milford Sound, Fiordland, New Zealand

    How Easy is it to Work in New Zealand?

    International relocations are stressful life events, though they can be hugely rewarding. Figuring out visas…

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    People Walking Quickly Through An Airport Terminal

    What to Include in Your Employee Relocation Expenses List

    What to Include in Your Employee Relocation Expenses List A relocation expenses list is an…

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    Partnership Business Partners On Logistic Global Network Distribution

    Tips on Perfecting Your Global Supply Chain

    One of the biggest challenges for a modern business is managing vital global supply chains…

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    Global Business Logistics Import Export Background And Container Cargo Freight Ship Transport Concept

    The Benefits of Global Supply Chains in Today’s Markets

    Even if you are unaware of them, supply chains are a vital part of most…

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    View Of New York Sky Line

    Where in the World to Start a Business in 2022

    There are several factors that go into making a start-up successful, and where it is…

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    A Busy Downtown City Area With Many International Businesses

    Top 5 Ways to Save on Employee Relocations

    While preparations and advice can go a long way to settling an individual in a…

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    Group Of Employees Sitting Around A Conference Table

    Understanding Employee Rights Regarding Relocation

    Global expansion of a company is key when it comes to accessing the best markets…

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    Guide to managing employee relocation

    Getting started with employee relocation is no easy task. The benefits of accessing and retaining…

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    People Wearing Suits Walking In Front Of A Large Window Out To A London Cityscape

    How to choose a corporate moving company

    To tackle a multi-faceted corporate move, however big or small your company, is a huge…

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    Workspace With White Hallway With Glass Windows And Tall Potted Plants.

    Simplifying Corporate Moves

    With the world of business changing all the time, it’s healthy for your company to…

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    3 Ways Relocation Software Makes Your Job Easier

    Corporate relocation can be difficult if you are managing large businesses with several different locations,…

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    Workers At An IT Company Working On A Computer

    Top Global Mobility Solutions to Streamline Your Processes

    If you are involved in the global relocation process of employees at your firm, you…

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    Man In Business Suit At The Airport With A Large Suitcase Looking Out Of The Window

    The Importance of Global Mobility Policies

    For modern companies hoping to compete on an international level, global mobility should be a…

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    Map Of North American With Flags Pinned On

    HR on a Global Scale

    In the modern age, many businesses are looking to branch out with international sales thanks…

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    Sarah Jones As Pricing And Vendor Manager.

    Sarah Jones joins Gerson Relocation as Pricing and Vendor Manager

    11/11/2021 | Gerson Relocation are pleased to announce the appointment of Sarah Jones as Pricing…

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    Introducing Gerson Relocation's New Logo

    We are REBRANDING!

    The 1st November, 2021, sees the exciting rebrand of Gerson Relocation.   Gerson Relocation has…

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    Smartly Dressed Business Men Sitting On A Bench Outside Having A Meeting And Holding A Tablet

    Supporting Your Employees with Relocation Management Services

    When it comes to corporate relocation, there can be many moving parts. Organisation includes not…

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    Martina Burke joins Gerson Relocation as Head of Operations

    Gerson Relocation is pleased to announce the appointment of Martina Burke as Head of Operations.…

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    View From Brooklyn Bridge, USA

    US lifts travel ban – America re-opening to travellers

    The White House recently announced that the United States (USA) will ease its Covid-19 travel…

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    Man Interviewing A Lady In An Office Environment

    Top Tips for International Employee Relocation

    International employee relocation can be a challenging process, for both the employee and the company…

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    Man Walking Out Of Large Buisness Building

    Do International Brands Need a Corporate Moving Plan?

    In the modern world, companies are no longer confined to the borders of their own…

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    We Are Delighted To Announce That Sander Bongertman Has Been Appointed As Commercial Director Of Gerson Relocation BV.

    Sander Bongertman appointed as Commercial Director of Gerson Relocation BV

    We are delighted to announce that Sander Bongertman has been appointed as Commercial Director of…

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    Team Of Employees Having A Corporate Meeting

    How Corporate Relocation Services are Supporting Global Brands

    Have you been thinking about globalising your brand? Globalisation brings a wide range of benefits…

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    Employee Relocation Services: Does Your Business Need Support?

    When relocating employees, your business will be moving your people from one location to another.…

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    The Ultimate Moving to London Checklist: Everything about how to move to London

    Moving to London from an international location? Get prepared with the ultimate checklist for moving…

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    Quiet Waiting Area In Airport Terminal At Night

    International Relocation Services – Making Life Easier for Expats

    Moving for work has become a regular occurrence for many years and international relocation continues…

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    International Relocation - People Walking Through An Airport

    Global Mobility Services – Your Guide to Relocating Employees

    A lot of people are still unsure exactly what global mobility services are or what…

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    How To Move To The USA From The UK: Your Essential Guide

    How to Move to the USA from the UK: Your Essential Guide

    Looking for some expert advice on how to move to the USA as a British…

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    Tony Stone Appoint As Gerson Relocation General Manager

    Tony Dullaghan-Stone Announced as Director-General Manager of Gerson Relocation UK

    We are delighted to announce the appointment of Tony Dullaghan-Stone as Director-General Manager of Gerson…

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    Value Creation In Global Mobility - With Graffiti Wall

    Value creation in global mobility

    We recently wrote about the effect of COVID-19 on Global Mobility and explored how we…

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    Find Home For More Flexibility Without Losing Budget Control

    Find a home for more flexibility without losing control of the budget

    Lump sum moves don’t have to come with compromise. Yes, we understand the need for…

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    Contain The Compromises That Come With Relocating Employees

    Contain the compromises that come with relocating employees

    Keeping a tight rein on your budget can lead to compromise. But it doesn’t have…

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    Don’t Shut Your Employees Out Of The Relocation Process

    Don’t Shut your employees out of the relocation process

    The good news is that Gerson remains safely open throughout the pandemic. But while it's…

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    Settle Into A World Of Choice Without Compromise

    Settle into a world of choice without compromise

    Moving home is stressful enough. When that move involves a new country, the stress levels…

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    Rene Van Valen Announced As The General Manager Of Gerson Relocation BV

    Rene van Valen Announced as The General Manager of Gerson Relocation BV

    As of 1st January 2021, Rene van Valen joins Gerson Relocation, the moving and relocation…

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    Global Mobility Should Define Its Own Post-Covid World

    Global Mobility should define its own post-Covid world

    It’s a truth (almost) universally acknowledged that the coronavirus has completely changed the world. For…

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    Eu And Great British Flag Blend Together

    Gerson Relocation Announce the Acquisition of Dijkshoorn in the Netherlands

    10/11/2020 Gerson Relocation Ltd is pleased to announce that it has acquired the business and…

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    Crews Wearing Visors, Face Masks And Gloves To Move Furniture

    3rd November 2020: COVID-19 Service Update

    Gerson Relocation safely remain open for business! Following this weekend’s announcement by the UK Government…

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    Managed Lump Sum - Duty Of Care

    Managed Lump sum solutions – duty of care

    Every business has a duty to care for its employees. Whether office-based, working remotely or…

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    International Moving Vehicle Arriving At The Home

    Is it possible to relocate to the UK?

    Some people believe that relocating to the UK is not possible! Thankfully this is not true,…

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    Finding A Home Safely During Coronavirus

    UK Government rules for viewing houses ensure UK home searches safety during Coronavirus

    On 13 May, the UK government issued instructions for home viewings. For anyone looking to…

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    Packing Crews Social Distancing And Wearing PPE Face Masks And Gloves

    How to make international moving COVID safe

    The Government has provided clearance for key relocation services to resume, including moving services and…

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    Moving To New York

    Relocating Employees to New York from the UK: Relocation Tips

    Gerson Relocation takes a look at how companies can prepare their employees for moving to…

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    Gerson Relocation: Working Together To Prevent The Spread Of COVID-19

    COVID-19 update for agent partners regarding International HHG Moving in the UK

    COVID-19 Agent Partner Status update regarding International HHG Moving in the UK   28 May…

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    Managed Lump Sum Moves

    Lump Sum Moves Research

    Research into uptake and usage of Lump Sum Moves [Download the research report here] As…

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    Gerson Relocation: Working Together To Prevent The Spread Of COVID-19

    Gerson Relocation: Working together to prevent the spread of COVID-19

    COVID-19 is a global issue, governments, medical workers, authorities and citizens around the world are…

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    Gerson Relocation Takes Action Against COVID-19

    UK Gerson Relocation Takes Steps to Prevent COVID-19 Spreading

    Dear Customers, Service Partners and Friends Considering the rapidly escalating events, we wanted to contact…

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    Video Surveys For Your Home Move

    How to keep your move plans on track

    Staying at home, doesn’t necessarily mean that your life plans to move to a new…

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    Nikki Brown - Supply Chain & Agent Partner Relationships Manager

    Nikki Browne promoted to Supply Chain & Agent Partner Relationships Manager

    London. We are delighted to announce the promotion of Nikki Browne to Supply Chain &…

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    UK Points Based Immigration Effect On Relocation

    UK Government announces new Points-Based Immigration

    Today, the UK Government announced changes to its immigration policy, with the planned new system…

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    Apply For The Role - We Are Hiring

    Apply for the Role of International Relocation Manager

    International Relocation Manager role Status: Open Location: Potters Bar, London, United Kingdom   About the role…

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    Apply For The Role - We Are Hiring

    Apply for the Role of International Move Manager

    New career opportunity at Gerson Relocation. International Move Manager. Status: Open   About the role We…

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    Gerson Relocation - China-Coronavirus-Update

    Coronavirus Update

    Update regarding the novel Coronavirus Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the novel Coronavirus…

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    Apply For The Role - We Are Hiring

    Apply for the Role of Agent Relationship Manager

    New career opportunity at Gerson Relocation. Supply Chain Management and Agent Partner Relationships. Status: Closed  …

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    Claire Skillett Joins Gerson Relocation International Moving Expert

    Gerson Relocation welcomes Claire Skillett

    We are delighted to announce Claire Skillett has joined the Gerson Relocation Client Services team.…

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    Making The Right Choices To Maximize Your Lump Sum Relocation Package

    Making the right choices to maximize your Lump Sum relocation package

    An ever-increasing trend in the world of global mobility is the utilization of the lump…

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    Celebrating And Delivering Another Foodbank Collection To Trussell Trust Before Christmas

    Celebrating and delivering another foodbank collection to Trussell Trust before Christmas

    Celebrating and delivering another foodbank collection to Trussell Trust before Christmas. Wow! It’s another generous…

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    Melanie Winkworth Joins Gerson Relocation

    Gerson Relocation welcomes Melanie Winkworth as Client Services Manager

    2 December 2019, London. We are delighted to announce that Melanie Winkworth has joined the…

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    The Often Overlooked Importance Of Relocation Departure Service Assistance

    The Often Overlooked Importance of Relocation Departure Service Assistance

    When someone is preparing to make an international move, they typically have their mind fully…

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    Gerson Relocation Welcomes Ricky Hibburt As Client Service Manager.

    Gerson Relocation welcomes Ricky Hibburt as Client Service Manager.

    Ricky Hibburt has joined the Gerson Relocation Client Service Team in the UK.  He is…

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    An Overview Of The KPMG Global Mobility Survey 2019

    2019 global mobility trends report

    KPMG has launched its 2019 report of their Global Assignment Policies and Practices survey (GAPP…

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    Our Staff Getting Involved By Collecting For Trussell Trust Food Bank

    Gerson Relocation Food Bank Collections on Moves

    You may already be aware that Gerson Relocation provides donation boxes for The Trussell Trust/UK…

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    Christmas Gift Bags For Children In Hospital

    Gerson Relocation and CLIC Sargent 2019 Fill a Rucksack #givesomethingback

    Gerson Relocation and CLIC Sargent (the UK's leading cancer charity for children, young people and…

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    Gerson Relocation welcomes Tracey Neuville

    1 October 2019, Tracey Neuville joined our Client Services team in the UK. Tracey will…

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    Five Essential Tips For Single People Relocating Abroad

    Five Essential tips for Single People Relocating Abroad

    There are few opportunities more exciting in a person’s life and career than the opportunity…

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    Tips From An Expat, Written For Expats Relocating To Prague

    Tips for Moving to Prague

    8 tips for moving to Prague from the UK. A guide for expats, written by…

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    Relocation Tips How To Choose The Right School For Your Kids In A New Country

    Relocation tips: How to choose the right school for your kids in a new country

    By Nick Young Once your family has made the decision to relocate to a new…

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    A Guide For Families Relocating To Silicon Valley

    Relocating to Silicon Valley – Moving to Silicon Valley with Family

    Where to live, how much does it cost, and what should I expect when moving…

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    Chris Mackley And Graham Green Shaking Hands And Smiling

    This week we celebrated Graham Green’s 40 years of service with Gerson!

    Graham is the fourth employee to have reached this milestone at our company. As you…

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    Delays to UK Transfer of Residence (ToR)

    14 June 2019 We have received reports of delays in relation to the processing of…

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    Relocating To The USA And Medicare

    Relocating to the USA and Medicare – What you need to know

    According to the Migration Policy Institute, there were nearly 45 million immigrants living in the…

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    What Are The Stages Of An International Move Process?

    What are the stages of an international move process?

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    5 Valuable Tips to Help Families Prepare for an International Relocation

    By Nick Young Moving to a new country with children is an endeavor that is…

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    What is the Tenant Fee Act 2019 and when does it come into effect?

    Further to our post regarding the Tenant Fee Bill and its potential impact on Global…

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    People Walking In Modern Glass Building

    Gerson Relocation wins Harmony Relocation Network Award for Quality

    Gerson Relocation, the global relocation and moving company, has won the Harmony Relocation Network award…

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    Digitalization Of Global Mobility

    Download: The report on use of AI Artificial Intelligence and Process Automation in Global Mobility

    The Digitalization of Global Mobility Digitalization of HR is a much talked about subject which…

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    Guide HRD Global Mobility HR Reward

    Thank you for downloading

    ...An Employer's guide to setting up Small and Medium sized International Mobility programmes. Access your…

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    Global Employee Benefits Watch 2018/19 Report

    Where does Global Mobility sit in the world of Global Employee Benefits?

    Thanks to Thomsons Online Benefits, who's Employee Benefits Watch Report shed a little bit more light…

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    London Ultra Low Emission Zones 2019 And 2021

    What is the ULEZ and why it is important to your move in London

    A new UK government scheme could increase the cost of moving services within the London…

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    5 Valuable Tips To Help Families Prepare For An International Relocation

    Top 5 relocation services for a successful relocation?

    By Nick Young If you are an expat relocating as part of your career, what…

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    FIDI Bike Ride 2019 - London To Amsterdam

    FIDI Bike Ride 2019 – London to Amsterdam

    Gerson Relocation is a proud supporter of the FIDI Cycle Challenge which is raising awareness…

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    Tips On How To Manage A Small Or Mid Size Global Assignment Programme

    Tips on how to manage a small or mid size global assignment programme

    How to manage a small or mid size global assignment programme video We interviewed two…

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    Which Type Of Moving Company Should I Choose To Move My Home Overseas?

    Which type of moving company should I choose to move my home overseas?

    If you have received a relocation allowance or cash lump sum from your employer as…

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    VIP Moves, Premier Tier Relocations and C-suite Assignments

    Managing VIP Relocations and Business Critical Moves Event How do you relocate your CEO? When…

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    Moving your company and employees to Malta

    We have been moving families and business people to Malta since the 1960's. When it…

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    Relocation Update – UK Tenant Fee Bill Impact on Global Mobility

    The UK Government's Tenant Fees Bill will see tenancy fees banned across England if it…

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    International Moving Dictionary – A Glossary of Moving Terminology

    Do you know your LCL from and FCL? Do you want BAR or FIDI? Inevitably,…

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    Managing Small to Medium size Global Mobility programmes – a webinar discussion

    [Register] Free Webinar: Managing Small to Medium size Global Mobility programmes According to the RES…

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    Joe Quinlivan Pricing And Supply Chain Management

    Gerson Relocation welcomes Joe Quinlivan to its pricing and supply chain team

    Gerson Relocation, the global moving and relocation company, is extremely happy to announce the appointment…

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    Top Tips For A Successful Video Survey

    Moving home? Top Tips for a Successful Video Survey

    Tips for a Successful Video Survey Let’s get the camera rolling on video surveys Gerson…

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    International Removals Video Survey

    Tips for a successful video survey – the survey

    The Survey Now that you have got everything prepared, you are ready for the actual…

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    Tips for a successful video survey – benefits of a video survey

    The benefits of choosing a video survey That’s a wrap folks!... Gerson Relocation offers video…

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    Gerson Video Surveys

    How does Apple’s Measure App measure up for pre-move surveys?

    Is Apple's Measure any use for when it comes to moving home? Apple has launched…

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    Japan Relocation

    Gerson, Koyanagi and Willis Towers Watson event focuses on Japanese Employee Mobility

    On Tuesday afternoon, 11 September 2018, Gerson Relocation, Koyanagi Worldwide and Willis Towers Watson hosted…

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    Guide HRD Global Mobility HR Reward

    Small and Medium sized Global Mobility programmes

    How to set up programme for highly effective international employee assignments [Download the guide here]…

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    Top International Moving Companies Comparison London

    Choosing an international removals company

    When it comes to choosing an international removals company Gerson and Abels come out top…

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    Japanese Assignments Japan Global Mobility Japan Relocation Event

    Managing Mobility and Employee Benefits between the UK and Japan

    With a GDP 1.9 times larger than the UK, and GDP per capita 8 times…

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    AGM Group welcomes Oliver Howe to our Graduate Programme

    Oliver joins our graduate programme where he will undertake two years' of training, learning every…

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    Gerson Relocation Reducing Waste And Saving You Money

    Offer: We have 50 reusable STOJO cups to give away

    What have a coffee cup and impeccable moving services got in common? The answer is…

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    Managing Emergency Situations Event Session Paper

    Download: Managing Emergency Situations for Global Mobility Report

    Managing Emergency Situations for Global Mobility Download the Session Paper According to the 2018 Business…

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    Gerson-Relocation-Summary-RES-Report Cover

    Download: The RES Forum Global Mobility Annual Report 2018

    Available now - the 2018 RES Forum Global Mobility Annual Report Global Mobility of the…

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    Close Up Of A Woman Writing In A Notebook At A Breakfast Meeting

    Gerson invites Global Mobility for a quick coffee

    Gerson Relocation, the specialist international moving and relocation company, is inviting Global Mobility and HR…

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    Download The Guide To Managing UK And Australia Assignments

    Download: Managing Assignments between the UK and Australia

    Managing Assignments between the UK and Australia Download the Session Paper Gerson Relocation and Commonwealth…

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    Man In Suit Shaking Hands With Young Woman In Front Of Crates

    Juliette joins our Graduate Programme

    Gerson Relocation welcomes Juliette Hennebert who joins us as an intern for the summer as part of our graduate training programme. Juliette meeting Paul Evans..
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    Close Up Of Tony Stone

    Gerson Relocation welcomes Tony Stone as Director of Business Development

    Monday 4 June 2018, Tony Stone joins Gerson Relocation’s Corporate Business Development team in the UK.
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    Sign Up To Webinar Text With Sydney Harbour In Background

    Managing Mobility between the UK and Australia

    At 1.15pm on Saturday 25th March the first direct commercial flight to Australia left London…

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    Close Up Of Crate With Handle With Care On It

    Gerson aims to reduce single use plastics

    Gerson Relocation aims to reduce single use plastics and waste from its global moving supply…

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    Russell Start Giving Speech

    Russell Start announced as the new Managing Director of AGM Group

    Russell Start joins the AGM Group, the moving and relocation business, where he will take on the role of Managing Director. He joins AGM..
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    State Of Georgia On The Map Of The USA

    How to Relocate to America: 5 Essential Tips for HR Moving Staff to the US

    Preparing to move employees to the USA as part of your corporate relocation policy? International…

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    Team Tug Of War With Gerson Vans In Background

    Gerson Relocation Raising Money for Sport Relief

    Gerson Relocation Raising Money for Sport Relief Those friendly people at Gerson Relocation, the international…

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    Mike Brazier AGM Group Head Of Marketing

    AGM Group Appoint Mike Brazier as Group Head of Marketing

    We are delighted to announce the appointment of Mike Brazier as the AGM Group Head…

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    The Definitive Moving Country Checklist Used by Relocation Companies

    Keep yourself informed on the process of moving overseas and discover what the experts consider…

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    Man Moving Office With Box And His Belongings

    How to Make the Business Case for Employee International Relocation

    Think it’s time your business invested in international relocation projects? Here’s how to argue your…

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    Young Office Workers Moving Office, Unpacking Boxes, Smiling.

    Corporate Relocation Strategy: Managing a Multiple-Personnel Project

    Have you been tasked with executing a complicated multi-personnel relocation? Here, Gerson Relocation offers specialist…

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    Managing Emergency Situations – A Mobility Perspective

    Case Study – Managing Emergency Situations – A Mobility Perspective

    Are you concerned about managing emergency situations, how you would handle a disaster; natural or…

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    AGM Group Appoint Ajit Basi as Head of IT and Information Security

    We are delighted to announce the appointment of Ajit Basi as the AGM Group Head…

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    Business People In Strategy Meeting Discussing New Markets Looking At A Globe

    How Corporate Relocation Companies Can Support a Group Move

    About to undertake a multiple-personnel group relocation project? Discover how working with a specialist corporate…

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    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Image

    What is GDPR & How Will It Impact International Relocation?

    New data protection regulations are going to change the way plenty of businesses store and…

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    How To Find A Graduate Job Overseas

    International Movers Reveal How to Get a Graduate Job Overseas

    Are you a graduate or soon-to-be graduate in search for career opportunities overseas? Gerson Relocation…

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    International Moving

    International Moving: The Best Expat Resources and Websites

    Unsure of where to get support and guidance on your move abroad? Gerson Relocation has…

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    Woman In Silhouette Standing In Front Of A Map With House Icons On

    International Relocation Trends: What Is Happening in 2017?

    Wondering how the international relocation industry is changing? In our latest blog, we look at…

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    Have Your Employees And Their Spouses Got A Support Network In London?

    Have your employees and their spouses got a support network in London?

    Gerson Relocation understand the challenges that employees and their families face when relocating to a…

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    Niall Mackay

    In Memory of Niall Mackay

    Niall Mackay - 11th March 1956  - 22nd August 2017 Following the announcement of the sad passing…

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    Airial View Of Singapore

    How to Move to Singapore: 8 Things You Should Know

    Moving to Singapore and need some advice on what you should be doing, and how…

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    Chris Mackley

    Gerson Relocation Appoint Chris Mackley As General Manager

    We are delighted to announce that Chris Mackley has been promoted to General Manager of…

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    Niall Mackay

    Niall Mackay – Gerson Managing Director

    Niall Mackay, Gerson Relocation Managing Director was unfortunately diagnosed with pancreatic cancer towards the end…

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    Savills Office Building

    Relocating to the UK – A Rental Property Perspective Seminar

    Seminar – Tuesday 31st October 2017 - Relocating to the UK – A Rental Property…

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    RES Forum Global Mobility

    The RES Forum Global Mobility Annual Report 2017

    The New Normal of Global Mobility | Flexibility, Diversity & Data Mastery The RES Forum…

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    Gerson Relocation | Winners Best International Removals Provider 2017

    Gerson Relocation are extremely proud to be announced as 'Best International Removal Provider' at the…

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    Flags Of The World

    New UK Transfer Of Residence (ToR) Applications & Customs Clearance Procedures FAQ’s

    1. Waiting Time for a Unique Reference Number (URN):  Question: What is the current waiting…

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    Transfer Of Residence: Updates To UK Customs Clearance Process For Household Goods Imports

    Following on from the recent changes to the import regulations for household shipments coming into…

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    Gerson Relocation Shortlisted At Relocate Awards 2017

    Gerson Relocation are exceptionally excited to have been shortlisted for their Relocate Awards entry for…

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    Letter From Lady Thatcher

    How Gerson Relocation Helped Lady Thatcher To Move In London

    It’s not something we shout about very much at Gerson Relocation, but we’ve provided relocation…

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    Gerson Relocation Appoint Andy Elson As Director Of Sales

    We are delighted to announce that Andy Elson is joining Gerson Relocation, as of Monday…

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    The Effect Of Brexit On Global Mobility Still Remains Ambiguous, State Insider Sources

    The global mobility management team at Gerson Relocation have been reviewing a number of industry…

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    The Top Skills Corporate Recruitment Experts Will Be Looking For In 2017 Are…

    The corporate relocation team at Gerson Relocation found an interesting article last week – which…

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    London 2012 – We’re Ready… Are You?

    Over the last few months Gerson Relocation have been issuing regular updates on transport and…

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    Simple Illustration Of Businessmen Walking In Different Path. Everything Is Organised In 2 Layers.

    The Difference Between Expectation And Reality In Global Mobility & Corporate Relocations

    This week the management team at Gerson Relocation have come across an interesting article on…

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    Man On Phone With City In The Background

    How Will The Apple Tax Ruling Affect Global Mobility And Compliance In The Future?

    One of the hottest topics to impact global mobility that we’ve come across at Gerson…

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    Shot Of Colleagues Working On Their Computers While Sitting In An Office

    The Link Between Tech, Talent Retention And Procurement In Corporate Relocations

    One of the most insightful pieces of reading we’ve come across here at Gerson Relocation…

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    Skyscrapers In Financial District, City Of London, London, UK.

    Brexit Could Positively Impact Corporate Relocation Services In London And The Wider UK

    The subject of immigration is one that we’re keeping a close eye on here at…

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    Fine Art And Valuable Item Shipping Services - Gerson Relocation

    Unusual Removal Project Gives Gerson Relocation Another Opportunity To Be The Best

    One of the management team at Gerson Relocation has been responsible recently for ensuring that…

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    Business Office Building In London, England

    Mobility Industry Set To Embrace ‘Conscious Capitalism’ In Talent Retention Techniques

    The management team at Gerson Relocation keep an eye on hot topics and emerging trends…

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    Graduate Moving Services - Gerson Relocation Services In Uk

    Why Talent Retention Needs To Be A Priority – Whatever The Economic Forecast Looks Like

    The subject of talent retention is one that we keep a close eye on here…

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    Row Of Houses With Bushes Out Front

    Corporate Relocation Inquiries In London Hit New High, According To Industry Figures

    Whilst everyone at Gerson Relocation has been watching the post-Brexit landscape very closely for our…

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    International Shipping Of Fine Arts - Gerson Relocation And Moving Company In Uk

    Gerson In Blenheim Palace

    Our marketing team here at Gerson Relocation have been reviewing some of our more prestigious…

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    Business People Talking Connection Conversation Concept

    Is Your Organisation Dealing With Changes In Talent Management Practices?

    When it comes to talent management, the team at Gerson Relocation monitor industry news, hot…

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    World Map Earth Multicultural Group Of People Integration Diversity Isolated

    Half Of All Companies Are Not Tracking Global Mobility Costs, Claim New Report Findings

    One of the most common factors the management team here at Gerson Relocation find in…

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    Company Logo - Gerson Relocation Services In Uk

    There’s A Momentous Merger In The Air….

    We are pleased to announce that as of Friday 14th October 2016, Gerson Relocation, Abels…

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    London Aerial Cityscape With Landmarks Including The Thames, Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge And City Hall.

    Brexit To Have Little Impact On Talent Retention In London According To Employment Survey

    The global mobility team at Gerson Relocation came across a useful post-Brexit article this week,…

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    Silhouette Of Group Of Business Travellers In The Interior Of Airport

    The Importance Of Legal Compliance With Short-Term Assignments For Employees

    Here at Gerson Relocation our global mobility experts keep an eye on legislation issues in…

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    High Speed Mover Trucks In The Highway

    Will Brexit Mean ‘Highway To Hell’ Or ‘On The Sunny Side Of The Street’ For Movers?

    In The Mover magazine, Tony Richman gives his thoughts on BREXIT and its affect on…

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    Business People Around A Computer Holographic Display

    What’s New In Technology For Global Mobility – And How Does This Affect Your Policies?

    The subject of technology within the global mobility industry is something our teams here at…

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    Comic Book Momerabilia

    Gotham Cities Bat Signal Is Lit Up Over Daventry!

    Gerson Relocation Ltd has secured a most unusual move of Batman memorabilia from Cheshire to…

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    Team Of Business Men And Women Around A Conference Table

    Do Your Global Mobility And Talent Management Teams Work Well Together?

    One of the most common challenges the global mobility teams at Gerson Relocation come across…

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    People Looking At Post-it Notes On A Piece Of Glass

    Mobility Survey Highlights Key Challenges In Talent Attraction And Assignee Retention

    As experts in international moving and advising clients on international relocation, the management team at…

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    Mayor With A Horse And Carriage

    Gerson Relocation History Blog – Moving The New Lord Mayor Into The Mansion House

    Our marketing team here at Gerson Relocation have been reviewing some of our more prestigious…

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    Two Men And A Women Shaking Hands In A Meeting

    The Importance Of The Right Benefits Packages For Relocation Assignees

    The senior HR managers at Gerson Relocation have been reviewing the latest practices and legislation…

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    RES Forum Annual Report 2016

    Latest RES Forum Global Mobility Report Published And Available For Insider Knowledge

    One of the most important industry publications that we keep an eye on here at…

    read more
    An Old Military Gun In Front Of The Gerson Offices

    The Swiss Guard Celebrates 500 Years With Help From Gerson Relocation

    Our marketing team have been reviewing some of the most interesting and unusual relocation projects…

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    Closeup Of A Man In A Suit Using A Tablet Computer

    Ways In Which Global Mobility Data Capture Is Changing How We Deliver Results

    The team of global mobility experts at Gerson Relocation have been reviewing an interesting topic…

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    Man In A Suit Delivering A Presentation At A Conference

    Hot Topics For Global Mobility And Relocation Discussed At Industry Forum

    We’ve come across a superb article recently at Gerson Relocation covering some of the hottest…

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    Overhead View Of A Woman Sitting On The Floor Using A Laptop

    Tips On Cutting Costs For Relocation Companies In London And The Wider UK

    Here at Gerson Relocation we’re a well-established relocation company in London with a pedigree of…

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    A Pin Stuck In A Map Of The United Kingdom

    Tier 2 Legislation Changes Could Impact Short-Term Assignments For Mobility Teams

    The global mobility management team at Gerson Relocation recently came across a useful and informative…

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    Female Employees Infographic Picture

    Demand For Female Global Mobility Professionals Reaches An All-Time High

    We’ve come across a superb article recently at Gerson Relocation concerning the growth in demand…

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    A Hand Holding House Keys On House Shaped Keychain In Front Of A New Home

    Right To Rent Legislation Has Impact On Global Mobility Marketplace In 2016

    One of the most interesting news items we’ve seen at Gerson Relocation has been reviewed…

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    Globe Fading Out Of A Tablet Computer Screen

    HR And Global Mobility Professionals Need To Review Intra-Company Transfers

    This week at Gerson Relocation we’re looking at an item from leading industry magazine Recruiter…

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    Man In Suit At An Airport

    Top Trends In Global Mobility Uncover The Importance Of Corporate Compliance

    Here at Gerson Relocation our senior management team have come across an interesting article this…

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    Magnifying Glass Over A Highlighted Person In A Line

    How Does Global Mobility Affects Corporate Brand Reputation?

    One area of global mobility that’s been on our radar recently at Gerson Relocation is…

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    The Royal Armouries Displaying Guns

    Why Our International Moving Experts Took Two Years To Complete One Project

    One of our most complex and challenging international moving projects here at Gerson Relocation has…

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    A Retirement Party

    Phil Knee Has Retired From Gerson Relocation

    Phil Knee has retired from Gerson Relocation having been with the Company for almost 26…

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    London Central Mosque

    The Most Unusual Removals In London And Beyond – By Gerson

    On our relocation blog this week at Gerson Relocation, we’re taking a nostalgic and quirky…

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    People Working In A Busy Office

    Trends In Global Mobility And Predictions For 2016 And Beyond

    On our relocation blog this week at Gerson Relocation, we’re taking a look at emerging…

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    Global Map With Lines Joining Key Points

    Business Relocation Services Set To Increase In Demand During 2016

    As experts in business relocation, business removals, and commercial moving, here at Gerson Relocation, we…

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    Nationalities In The UK

    London Demographics Uncover Changes In Overseas Removals

    On our relocation blog this week at Gerson Relocation, we’re focusing on an interesting story…

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    An Elephant At Addo National Park

    Moving Ivory And Pianos With Ivory Keys To The UK

    The Border Force in the UK are currently ensuring that EU Regulation 338/97 and its…

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    A Classic Gerson Overseas Removals Van

    Gerson Relocation Uncovers History As Leading London Removal Firm

    On our relocation blog this week at Gerson Relocation, we’ve been lucky enough to find…

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    A Shipping Container On A Crane

    Is Your SOLAS Policy Flexible Enough To Cover Any Additional Costs On Your International Shipping?

    This week at Gerson Relocation, we’re taking a closer look at changes to the Safety…

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    Black And White Picture Of A Gerson Removals Horse And Cart

    The History Of Michael Gerson And Business Moving Uncovered

    Here at Gerson Relocation, we have a proud and long history in business moving, business…

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    Wooden Signpost With Lots Of Different City Destinations

    Gerson Relocation Reviews Latest RES Forum Global Mobility Report

    Here at Gerson Relocation, we keep up-to-speed with the latest trends and developments within the…

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    A Pallet Delivery

    Timber Recycling Partnership For Gerson Relocation With Woods Forever Of Essex

    Gerson Relocation has signed an agreement with Woods Forever for all its timber recycling needs.…

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    Business Man With Briefcase In Front Of A Building

    Top Questions To Consider When Relocating Abroad In 2015

    Here at Gerson Relocation, we’ve been monitoring the latest corporate relocation, private relocation, overseas moving,…

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    A Van Filled With Boxes In Front Of A For Rent House

    Tips And Tricks To Successfully Move Your Career Abroad

    With a new year comes a fresh look at the careers of many employees, assignees…

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    An Arrow Pointing To The Coast On A Map

    Are You Considering Relocating Your Life For A New Job?

    Here at Gerson Relocation we’re used to working closely with individuals and companies looking to…

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    Happy Christmas And A Prosperous New Year From Gerson Relocation

    This message comes with our best wishes to you for a Happy Christmas and a…

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    Gerson Relocation Improves Its Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Performance Band Ratings

    At Gerson Relocation, we are pleased to report an improvement in our Carbon Disclosure Project…

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    Cartus Global Network Gold Award

    Gerson Gets Gold!

    Gerson Relocation received a Gold Award for Commitment to Excellence at Cartus’ 2014 Global Network…

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    2 Gerson Employees Shaking Hands

    Relocation Expert Stays Put For 40 Years At Gerson Relocation

    It’s celebration time at Gerson Relocation this week, with one of our relocation experts completing…

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    The Global EMEA Mobility Summit 2014

    Please join us at the Lancaster Hotel, London on November 7th to attend a day…

    read more
    House With A For Rent Sign

    Right To Rent

    This recent development has left many International Assignees concerned about renting their UK properties out…

    read more

    Gerson Secures New Talent

    From left to right: Ashley Stagg, Clare Goodman, Kate Hardwick and Lara Hone. Ashley joins…

    read more

    Going Global Exhibition And Conference Returns To Olympia London On 27-28 Nov

    TAKE YOUR BUSINESS WORLDWIDE Going Global exhibition and conference returns to Olympia London on 27-28…

    read more

    Setting Up In China? Why You Should Consider Hong Kong As A Host Location..

    Setting up in China? Why you should consider Hong Kong as a host location for…

    read more

    Global Mobility Market Faces Big Changes In The UAE

    One of Gerson Relocation’s expert Business Development Managers Ashley Stagg came across an interesting blog…

    read more

    Global Mobility Key Trends 2014 Annual Report Now Available

    Gerson Relocation is a proud member of the UniGroup Relocation Network, one of the world’s…

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    The M Group Award

    Gerson Relocation Wins Top Award At MI Group Industry Event

    We’re really pleased and proud at Gerson Relocation to this week announce on our relocation…

    read more
    London Totally Expat Show

    Meet Our Relocation Experts At The London Totally Expat Show 2014

    We’re getting geared up here at Gerson Relocation for the upcoming relocation event of the…

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    London Totally Expat Show

    The London Totally Expat Show 2014

    Please join us at the Business Design Centre, London on 19th May to attend a…

    read more

    Global Mobility Survey Highlights New Employee Relocation Trends

    We came across a useful article at Gerson Relocation, highlighting top tips for relocating employees…

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    Boxes With Plants And A Globe On Top

    Will Relocating To Another Country To Work In 2015 Work Out?

    The start of another year at Gerson Relocation always ensures that we’re thinking about the…

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    People Packing And Moving Office Supplies

    Why Companies Can’t Leave Their Corporate Mobility Strategy To Chance In 2014

    At Gerson Relocation, one of our favourite online resources for corporate relocation is the…

    read more

    How To Reduce Domestic Relocation Stress In 2014

    We came across a useful article at Gerson Relocation, this week, covering great hints and…

    read more

    Gerson Relocation Employees Complete Do-It Volunteering Work At Morven Park

    At Gerson Relocation, as well as being a leading global provider of corporate relocation services,…

    read more

    Gerson Relocation Wins Prestigious Award For Corporate Relocation Services

    We’ve been celebrating this week at Gerson Relocation, having received a prestigious industry award for…

    read more

    ICM Gerson Re-Brands As Gerson Relocation In New Growth Phase

    One of the world's most respected providers of international and domestic relocation services, ICM Gerson,…

    read more

    UniGroup Network Rebrands For Future Growth In Partnership With Gerson Relocation

    As a proud member of the UniGroup Relocation Network, we were delighted here at Gerson…

    read more

    Gerson Employee Completes Up-Hill Charity Cycling For Cancer Awareness

    We’re really pleased and proud to announce that Gerson Relocation employee Alastair Cowan has completed…

    read more

    Free Resources And Guides For Moving Home

    At Gerson Relocation we’ve been proud members of the British Association of removers (BAR) for…

    read more

    National Press Attention Gained For Baroness Thatcher’s Final Move

    At Gerson Relocation we've delivered high-end private moving services for a range of significant clients…

    read more

    Multinationals Expect A Significant Rise In Employee Relocation

    We came across an interesting article at Gerson Relocation last week, concerning the increase in…

    read more

    ICM Gerson Re-Brands As Gerson Relocation In New Growth Phase

    One of the world’s most respected providers of international and domestic relocation services, ICM Gerson,…

    read more

    Corporate Relocation Volumes To Increase In The Next 12 Months

    As experts in corporate relocation, our management team at Gerson Relocation came across a thought-provoking…

    read more

    UK Voted As Second-Best Corporate Relocation Destination In The World

    The corporate relocation team at Gerson Relocation came across an interesting article recently from Relocate…

    read more

    British Expats Invited To Give Their Views On Corporate Relocation

    As experts in corporate relocation, at Gerson Relocation we place great importance on the feedback…

    read more

    Relocation From Abroad Into London Hits A High With Overseas Executives

    We came across an interesting report this week at Gerson Relocation highlighting an increase of…

    read more

    Relocating Our Relocations Team

    Our Relocation team is relocating from their current home to a very plush serviced facility…

    read more

    Our Response To Rightmove’s ‘How People Choose Removal Companies’ Survey

    At Gerson Relocation, we keep a close eye on industry news and hot topics, to…

    read more

    Gerson Relocation People – Day In The Life Of A Relocation Expert

    This week, we’re handing over the reins of our relocation blog to Gareth Fosberry, our…

    read more

    Welcome To Our Corporate Relocation Blog

    The start of a New Year is also bringing exciting new developments for us here…

    read more

    Top Tips For Sourcing A Corporate Relocation Company In The UK

    At Gerson Relocation we spend a lot of time advising and assisting our clients on…

    read more

    Going Hi Tech

    Gerson Relocation has streamlined its survey and quotation creation process with the introduction of VOXME…

    read more

    It’s Good To Be Green!

    As part of an ongoing policy of improvement, Gerson Relocation has taken the decision to…

    read more

    Olympic Updates

    See our Olympic Updates documents here: Olympic Guide Notes 1 download >> Olympic Guide Notes…

    read more
    Gerson Relocation Company In London

    Amnesty International Chooses Gerson Relocation

    Amnesty International, the global organisation committed to promoting and protecting human rights around the world…

    read more

    Quality Certification

    Having been one of the first relocation companies to achieve EuRA Quality Seal accreditation in…

    read more

    Best In Class

    Graham Horsler, one of Gerson Relocation’s longest serving and most experienced Move Managers returned from…

    read more

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