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Pet transport services from the world’s leading international relocation experts


    Our international pet transport services ensure your pets have a happy and healthy international moving experience

    We love our pets, so when it comes supporting you with your international move, we feel the same as you about how we would want our pets to be treated. We want them to have the best care and to be happy and healthy.

    We treat your pets as one of your family and will find out what is most important for their move and what special care they will need for their international move. From an initial consultation we will help find the best way for your pets to move so that they can be with you at your new home.

    We will arrange for the coordination of vets, vaccinations and documentation required to travel. We have teams of specialist pet moving professionals providing services worldwide who support you and your pet to make sure that everything is arranged perfectly.

    We move cats, dogs and almost every other pet

    We often get asked what type of pets we can move. Most commonly we are asked to move cats and dogs, but we also move a whole menagerie of wonderful animals with amazing personalities. We love them all.

    Guinea pigs in the garden

    Documentation and legal requirements

    Our pet moving team will ensure that your pet is legally able to move to your new location. We then identify and advise on the criteria and the requirements for their move.

    Pet Documentation and legal requirements

    Preparing your pets for their international move

    Our pet moving team will make sure the assignee’s pets are 100% safe to travel, ensuring they have the right vaccinations, health certificates, permits, and documentation well before they’re due to leave. We’ll also keep you up to date with where your pet is, at all times.

    Our pet moving team are animal lovers themselves, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that they are looking after your pet as if it were one of their own.

    We’ll make sure the pets are kept happy, healthy, and excited to see you in your new home! Get in touch with Gerson Relocation today.

    Dog in a box

    About our international pet moving service

    More than any other service we offer, pet moving has so many specific requirements that it’s difficult to know where to begin. Transporting your pet pooch is one thing, but when your family pet is a reptile, horse, parrot, or more exotic, it can bring additional challenges we will be able to support.

    That’s why our pet moving team works hard to understand how to care for every type of family pet. After all, pets deserve comfort, love, and encouragement during a potentially stressful move.

    • Pre-move consultation
    • CITES compliance check
    • We’ll sort out all required documentation before the move
    • Any pet passports will be obtained before an EU relocation
    • If necessary, we’ll arrange approved kennels in the event of quarantines
    • Any required vaccinations can be booked in
    • We will arrange for collection and care during travel
    Pet Export Containers

    The benefits of our pet transport service

    • Expert consultation and advice regarding moving your pets
    • Support with documentation and the legal requirements
    • Your pets are cared for throughout their travels
    • Ability to move animals with more specialist requirements
    • Accredited international network
    • Flexibility and peace of mind
    • Your pet’s travel can be tracked at any stage
    Cat in a box

    Make sure your family pet is happy and safe when they move internationally. Contact Gerson Relocation to find out how we can help you

    Great customer Experiences start here

    Very pleasent and helpful. Nothing too much trouble.

    Mr M H moved from London, UK to Toronto, Canada

    Very helpful and patient even when things got packed that we had to get out again!

    Mr M E moved from Enfield, UK to Dorset, UK

    Thanks to Graham, Nick and the entire crew!

    Mr C D M  moved from UK to Singapore

    Friendly and helpful crew.

    Ms T W moved from USA to Cambridgeshire, UK

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