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Environmental Policy Aims

Gerson Relocation Limited is committed to improving its environmental performance, minimizing its impact on the local, regional and global environment and to encouraging others working in, living in and visiting their premises to do likewise.

We will endeavor to reduce our impact on the local community in which we operate and encourage its suppliers and customers to do the same by setting a good example.

Gerson Relocation Limited will continue to:

  • Promote environmental awareness to its employees, its clients and business associates.
  • Encourage the efficient use of packing materials by its staff and use only recyclable materials, except where there is no viable alternative.
  • Endeavour to reduce unnecessary travel thereby minimizing the environmental impact of our vehicles.
  • Maximize the use of our resources and minimize waste.
  • Reduce the quantity of waste produced and to retain on site skips for recyclable waste paper, metal and glass.
  • Ensure all our vehicles are regularly serviced and maintained by an authorised agent in line with manufacturers recommendations.
  • Ensure that the impact of current activities and future projects on the environment will be examined and discussed during the regular management reviews.
  • Ensure our commitment to fulfilling our environmental compliance obligations going forward.

Environmental Policy – Principles And Action

1. Environmental Policy Formulation

  • Gerson Relocation Limited will update environmental policies ensuring continual improvement in environmental
  • Gerson Relocation Limited is committed to the aim of prevention of pollution and will continue to reduce its environmental impact by promoting environmental awareness and using the best practice applicable to their

2. Action to reduce environmental impact

  • Gerson Relocation Limited will take all reasonable measures necessary to reduce pollutant emissions and waste generation to a minimum and to conserve
  • The impact of current activities on the environment will be examined on a quarterly
  • The environmental impact of all new activities, projects and operations will be assessed and be reported to the appropriate person(s) when they are of
  • Monitoring procedures will be established and applied, to check compliance with Gerson Relocation’s environmental policy. Records of results will be established, and updated where these procedures require measurement and
  • Gerson Relocation Limited will establish and update procedures and action to be taken in the event of detection on non-compliance with its environmental policy
  • Gerson Relocation will foster a sense of responsibility for the environment amongst employees at all

3. Accidents

  • Measures necessary to prevent accidental emissions of pollutants, materials and energy from Gerson Relocation property shall be
  • Gerson Relocation will, if approached, co-operate with industrial and commercial bodies to establish and update contingency procedures to minimize the impact and frequency of any emergency situations that may occur that would have an adverse impact on the environment.

4. Contract performance

  • We are striving to ensure that all contractors working on Gerson Relocation’s behalf or supplying services or materials to Gerson Relocation Limited, apply equivalent environmental standards to our

Russell Start, MD

February 2024

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