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School search and education support for your international relocation

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    Host country schooling is one of the major concerns for families moving overseas. Our international school search services make sure your children have the support they need

    One of the key issues relocating employees face is the interruption to their children’s education. Differences in language, culture and educational quality are all concerns that can greatly affect a child’s learning. An employee’s ability to concentrate on a new assignment role can depend on the knowledge that a child is being properly cared for.

    What is a relocation school search service?

    School search is one of the cornerstone relocation support services provided as part an international relocation. It is often managed in close coordination with the home search and refers to the process of ensuring the educational needs of accompanying children are not compromised, and preferably enriched, as part of a relocation. The school search is focused on sourcing the correct academic educational support at destination and securing places for the relocating children. A well-managed school search will ensure continuity of their education and support attainment of academic goals.

    Children attending a school

    International school search service

    We build our international school search around the needs of your children. We work with the best educational teams and local schools at destination to help identify the best options for your children to help them achieve their learning and academic goals.

    Our services are based on your child’s needs, not a static plan. We look at current and future education requirements for your child as well as other important considerations, such any disability requirements or special needs educational plans. 

    Professional local school search consultants

    We have selected the best available team of education consultants and school search professionals worldwide. They are locally based and have detailed levels of experience within each location.

    International schools and International Baccalaureate vs local schooling options

    We offer information and access to the best educational experts to advise on schooling systems and the pros and cons for your individual child’s circumstances.

    Alternative schooling options

    If we cannot find a suitable option in the new country, or if a different option suits your child better, we’ll work with you to find a solution. From home school solutions, to tutors, to boarding schools we’ll find a solution to your child’s needs through our local and global education experts.

    Let us find the right schools for your children. Get in touch with Gerson Relocation today.

    International school search service

    About our school search services

    All the details of your education requirements will be managed by your dedicated Gerson Client Services Manager. They will conduct a briefing call with you to understand the education and schooling needs of your children and incorporate the school search into your relocation, coordinating with the home search, move and other elements of your relocation package. Our service includes:

    • Detailed educational needs analysis
    • Insightful research of education options within the desired location
    • Specialist educational needs options
    • Arrange visits to selected schools, and assessment tests arranged as required
    • Assistance given with applications and council registrations, acceptance of offers and final arrangements
    About our school search services

    The benefits of our school search service

    • Advice from local education professionals
    • Ensures the whole family settle quickly into new host location
    • Opportunity to work with an education consultant who is part of our specialist team
    • Expert education guidance
    • Specialist education requirement options available
    The benefits of our school search service

    Need international school search services from professional relocation experts? Let’s get started.

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