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Area orientation and relocation preview trips


    Area orientations and preview trips help you get to know you new location

    Being able to settle-in to a new home location and feeling at ease is one of the best ways to ensure a successful relocation.

    Our relocation services help with all the technical and logistical aspects of a relocation such as home finding, school search and moving. However, our service does not stop there. We support the softer human aspects of a relocation too.

    We offer support to help everyone relocating to understand and adapt to the new culture, language, location, and issues related to a dual-career family. Along with our destination information, local area knowledge and local level support, we ensure everyone feels completely supported.

    What is an area orientation?

    An area orientation service provides a high-level view of the area, helping everyone to understand how things work in terms of housing, transport, schooling, culture, shopping, payments, entertainment and generally how things are done locally. All delivered by one of our knowledgeable and friendly local relocation experts. It also provides an insider’s guide on what to expect and local tips for everything needed to get off to the best start. Furthermore, it can provide introductions to local expat groups and the community, depending on how much support is required.

    Our local area relocation experts offer local level support and expertise. Get to know a destination with Gerson Relocation.

    Our award-winning service is flexible and designed to adjust to any relocation requirements. Whether it is a need for advice on managing and understanding cultural differences, or finding a suitable school, we’ll be able to provide a detailed understanding the new location and prepare for life and work in a new location.

    Preview tours

    Our orientation tours can be provided at an early stage as a preview trip, also known as a look-see tour, to help get an understanding and feeling of the potential options for a new home and to decide between areas.

    Direction sign post to lots of countries in the world

    Orientation tour to settle-in to a local neighbourhood

    Alternatively, you can have the orientation tour set up upon arrival to facilitate the settling-in process and to greatly improve the chances of success in the critical months that follow the arrival in a new location.

    About our area orientation services

    About our area orientation services

    A dedicated Gerson Client Services Manager will conduct a briefing call to understand your requirements and incorporate the area orientation as part of your relocation, coordinating each element of your package. Our service includes:

    • A briefing and needs assessment to understand your requirements
    • A tailored orientation schedule to address your needs
    • An accompanied tour of the host location often incorporating a visit to the new office, sample properties and other local amenities
    • Area information and expert guidance
    • Everyday living advice based on the host location
    Gerson Relocation Briefing call - girl with headphones talking

    Benefits of our area orientation services

    • Provides a level of understanding that you cannot achieve remotely
    • Area orientation identifies key challenges early so that they can be resolved
    • Makes it easier to make key decisions about where to live
    • Our expert advice helps you settle quickly and focus on your new role
    • Reduces overall relocation costs
    Benefits of our area orientation services

    Experience a new destination guided by our local area relocation experts. Get in touch today

    Great customer Experiences start here

    Very pleasent and helpful. Nothing too much trouble.

    Mr M H moved from London, UK to Toronto, Canada

    Very helpful and patient even when things got packed that we had to get out again!

    Mr M E moved from Enfield, UK to Dorset, UK

    Thanks to Graham, Nick and the entire crew!

    Mr C D M  moved from UK to Singapore

    Friendly and helpful crew.

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