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Cross cultural training from the leaders in global destination services

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    As one of the most overlooked but vitally important parts of relocating, cross-cultural training is key to your success in other countries

    While it is likely you will be more than capable of managing your tasks in other countries, to truly thrive you need to understand the vast cultural differences when working abroad. Simple cultural differences can transform a business negotiation from a spectacular success into crushing failure. We provide cultural training services to help ensure assignment success.

    Let’s get started. Just get in touch with our expert team and we’ll put together a customised cross-cultural training plan.

    What is a Cultural Training programme?

    Cultural training, also known as cross-cultural training, helps people relocating to a new country to understand the local culture and the way that things work in a new country or location. Relocation companies offer cultural training programmes to help develop cultural awareness and can be applied at a business or social level. Cultural training programmes for corporate assignments are normally developed around the employee and their accompanying dependents.

    What is a Cultural Training programme

    About our cross-cultural training

    Our services are adaptable to your needs. Your company has its own policy approach to cultural training, so our services are designed to meet them. Just let us know what you need and where you are heading to, and we’ll put together a plan to help you thrive in your new location. Our cultural support services are developed by our approved cultural training experts and can be delivered before or after you move. These cultural support programmes and tools include detailed briefing processes, intercultural training, repatriation training, and business orientation briefings, as well as basic information that can help you better understand the country you have relocated to.

    • Assessment and bespoke cultural training programme development
    • Help understand a new country and colleagues
    • Intercultural training lessons from approved and experienced cultural trainers
    • Gain a complete understanding of the culture of a country and the employee’s adaptability
    • Repatriation training available for helping your employees return to their home country
    About our cross-cultural training

    The benefits of cross-cultural training

    • Your employees will feel more at home in a new location
    • Reduction in culture shock and strategies for dealing with culture shock
    • Better cultural understanding can open up new business opportunities, assist in social interactions and adapt to the new location
    • Cost-effective cultural training means you save money in the long run
    • Provide a support mechanism for the duration of the assignment.
    The benefits of cross-cultural training

    Excel when you relocate to a new country with a clear cultural awareness. Contact Gerson Relocation to arrange cultural training.

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