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How to Move to Singapore: 8 Things You Should Know

Moving to Singapore and need some advice on what you should be doing, and how you should be preparing? This blog has everything you need!

If you’re reading this, chances are you are considering — or have already arranged — a move to Singapore.

Singapore is a fantastic country with a lot to offer in terms of working possibilities, cultural exploration and generally good quality of life. The country is actually ranked as the best city to live in Asia for expats. But, when moving to this Far East metropolis, what things should you be aware of?

Here’s an essential, eight-step guide on how to move to Singapore in a seamless, stress-free manner.


airial view of Singapore

1. Finding the Right Moving Company

Step one in the process of moving to Singapore is finding an appropriate moving company. This is a complex move, featuring intercontinental shipping, language and cultural barriers, differences in laws and complicated immigration processes. Hiring the wrong international moving company is going to cause you nothing but stress and problems.

When hiring your moving company, look for those that have experience in advanced international moving. You need a mover that can demonstrate their ability to get you where you need to go as smoothly as possible. Problems can arise in various areas and stages in the immigration process, from work visas to cultural differences. Nobody wants to be dealing with an incompetent mover when trying to ship themselves, their family and their belongings across the world.

You should also be searching for those that offer a bespoke service. Every more is different, but a move to Singapore is something that can require a truly personalised approach.

Gerson Relocation is an international moving company with nearly 60 years of experience. There isn’t anything we don’t know about overseas relocation. If you’re looking for a company that can take all the stress out of moving to Singapore, contact us today.


2. How to Move to Singapore With the Right Immigration Permissions

Moving to Singapore, whether it be for work, education, retirement or all of the above, requires the correct visa. Unlike some other nations, visas for Singapore are incredibly straightforward in their design and it’s easy to see if you qualify.

You should be prepared for the processes for getting employment passes and work visas for Singapore. To get a work visa, you will often need an agreed contract of employment or at least an interest in a career in Singapore – employers based in the country can be of great help to those hoping to immigrate to Singapore.

No matter how clear-cut the criteria are, getting a visa can be a lengthy process for any country. It is recommended you start your visa application as soon as you decide to move. This gives you ample time to get accepted before making other plans.


3. Getting Acquainted with the Local Area

Singapore is a small country. It’s also a very big city.

There is a lot to discover when moving to Singapore; a lot of cultural beats to understand, customs to learn and places to explore. Part of the process of relocation is getting acquainted with your new local area and adjusting to the world around you. While English is one of the official languages spoken in Singapore, the cultural differences are often harder to navigate, while hearing the other 3 official languages may come as surprise for some. Adjusting to your local area is an important part of moving to Singapore, as the more involved you get with the country and community and the more integrated you become, the happier you’ll be and the less likely you’ll experience culture shock and homesickness.

How do you become accustomed to your local area? Consider our area orientation program. We’ll get you involved with local guides who can help you explore and understand your new home in greater detail.


4. Finding Suitable Housing

In order to move to Singapore, you need somewhere to move into. Housing in Singapore is expensive, even more so than in New York City and unsurprisingly so. As a very densely populated country covered almost entirely in cityscape, housing here is in high demand.

Finding the right accommodation can be challenging in Singapore. You need to balance affordability with quality and location. When thinking about how to move to Singapore, it’s important to think about where exactly to move to depending on your requirements. Luckily, numerous guides exist on the internet, so do your research and you should have no trouble. Be aware that your new cost of living in Singapore may be different to what you’re used to in the UK, with the average person paying around 8% less in Singapore than here, so it’s vital to evaluate your finances on an ongoing basis.

The team at Gerson Relocation are experts in international property acquisition. If you need help finding the right place to live, we’re here to help!


5. Acquiring Long-Term Storage

As has been well established by this point, Singapore is not a large country and space comes at a premium. When looking at how to move to Singapore, one major concern is going to be space.

You might not be concerned about living in a smaller property than you’re used to, but where is all your stuff going to go? It is recommended that, when moving to Singapore, you consider UK-based storage facilities. It doesn’t matter if you are moving long-term or short-term; having your possessions stored safely, without having to get rid of them, is peace of mind that can really remove the stress from a move overseas.

Eventually, you may return to the UK, or move to a large property and have them shipped. The point is that there is enough to think about when moving to Singapore, without having to worry about where you are going to fit all your belongings. And nobody wants to face getting rid of their favourite possessions because they cannot fit them in their home just yet.

If you’re in need of storage solutions to ease your move to Singapore, Gerson Relocation can help. Our state-of-the-art storage facilities can fit just about anything and are guaranteed to keep your possessions safe for days, months or even years.


6. Understanding Laws

Like any other developed nation, you’ll find Singapore has complex rules and laws that you must abide by; most of which won’t seem very surprising or differ from the norm. However, there are some more unusual laws that could affect you — laws you should be aware of before you move.

Famously, Singapore has outlawed gum. Get caught chewing in public and you’ll face a large fine. Jaywalking (crossing the road at non-designated crossing points), littering, spitting in public and smoking outside of designated smoking areas are also heavily regulated and fines are common.


7. Preparing for the Weather

When it rains, it pours in Singapore. The country is known for its showers, but it is also known for its intense heat. An important question to ask yourself when thinking about moving to Singapore is how you are going to prepare yourself for the weather.

When living in Singapore, you can’t go out wrapped up in your warm coat when the rain comes because you’ll bake in the heat. But you can’t walk around in shorts and a t-shirt during a famous Singaporean downpour. Make sure that when you move to Singapore, you kit yourself out with the right kind of clothing. Prepare for hot sunny days and hot rainy ones, too.


8. Relocating Your Pets to Singapore

Wondering about how to move your pet to Singapore? A lot of people do. Moving overseas without your furry friend can be a dealbreaker. Fortunately, getting your pet into the country isn’t too difficult, if you follow the correct steps.

The process of moving a pet to Singapore is very similar to that of the US, Australia, Canada, China and other highly affluent nations. You’ll need to follow the correct procedures, like getting vaccinations, a pet passport and going through a 10-day quarantine period. However, there is definitely no reason you cannot bring your pet, should they be fit and healthy.

Looking to move your pet to Singapore and aren’t sure about the process? Gerson Relocation knows exactly what to do! Get in touch today and we’ll help sort everything from vaccinations to pet passports.

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