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New Technology to Ease International Employee Relocation

As global workforces continue to grow more diverse and companies expand their operations, the need for efficient relocation solutions is paramount to success. Fortunately, the introduction of cutting-edge technology has started a new era of global mobility, helping to improve the customer experience.

From virtual reality tools to AI-powered platforms, transformative technologies are truly reshaping the landscape of employee relocation, which is why we’re here to explore what they are and how they work. We’ll delve into the exciting developments revolutionising the industry and helping navigate the complexities of cross-border work assignments.

Advanced-Data Analytics

The power of data analytics enables organisations to make more informed decisions when relocating their employees. Data can be analysed across factors such as cost of living, housing, transportation, and culture, helping companies optimise their relocation strategies. By leveraging these data-driven insights, you can ensure a smooth and successful relocation experience, fostering productivity, engagement, and long-term retention.

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VR Experiences

Following the Covid-19 pandemic especially, virtual reality (VR) has transformed into a mainstream technology, revolutionising a wide range of industries. VR technology allows employees to experience their potential new location virtually, before physically relocating there. By immersing themselves in the virtual environment, employees can explore different towns, visit offices, view houses, and understand the local culture, all without being there in person. Whilst it’s unlikely that you’ll make a decision based on virtual reality alone, getting an insight beforehand will make the transition smoother and may help to reduce cultural shock when visiting.

We can have one of our experienced surveyors conduct a video pre-move survey anywhere in the world and at any time – all through our video survey app. Find out how the virtual survey works.

Cloud-Based Technology

A crucial technology that significantly eases the employee relocation process is the implementation of a cloud-based portal. A portal of this nature provides a centralised platform where employees, employers and relocation representatives can seamlessly track every aspect of the international relocation process. Having all information stored in one place ensures organisation, and permits employers to monitor everything from wherever they are. Cloud-based technology allows for real-time updates, keeping everyone well-informed each step of the way. At Gerson Relocation, you can track key dates and the progress of your move using our web portal, which is secure, mobile-friendly and simple to use. Find out more about tracking your move

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AR Shopping

Augmented reality (AR) shopping has great potential for employees moving abroad. When moving to a new location, setting up the new home will likely be a priority for many individuals. With AR shopping, employees can visualise furniture in their homes, enabling them to make informed purchasing decisions without needing to physically visit a shop. This helps to decrease the reliance on in-person shopping, helping to reduce location constraints and shop confidently from overseas.

Document Signing

Document signing technology brings several benefits to international employee relocation, by streamlining the paperwork process. With so many digital signing solutions available in today’s modern world, employees can sign the necessary documents remotely, eliminating the need for physical paperwork. Digital document signing saves time, reduces administrative burdens, and allows for the swift completion of tasks.

Remote Work Tools

With so many companies working remotely, collaboration tools such as video conferencing, project management platforms and instant messaging apps have become essential for effective communication in the workplace. Wherever your employees are in the world, by harnessing remote work tools you can ensure that your workforce can collaborate effectively, without the need for meeting in person. This can make the move more appealing for employees and can make integration far more seamless.

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AI Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a topic on everyone’s radar, and it can serve a great purpose for international employee relocation. Chatbots provide 24-hour support, allowing employees to get assistance at any time they need it. Using machine learning, they offer personalised guidance that is tailored to employees in unique circumstances. Used often as a search engine to get information, employees can use AI chatbots to learn more about specific countries, including what it’s like to live there and how the culture may be different.

At Gerson Relocation, we are one step ahead. Using an advanced combination of state-of-the-art relocation management software and good old-fashioned personable service, we can assist with your next international relocation with ease. Get in touch today to see how we can help you or simply request a quote.


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