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Plan your move with our Video Survey service


    Plan your move using our Video Survey tool instead of requiring a surveyor to visit your home.

    Book a free Video Survey & Virtual Move Consultation here.

    Use your mobile device to guide one of our move experts around your home as a virtual survey and move consultation. Then receive your personal move plan and estimate within 24-48 hours.

    Use your smartphone or tablet

    Our video survey tool works on almost all devices and enables you to guide our expert move surveyors through your home remotely using your smartphone or tablet.

    No need for visitors to your home

    This makes things a lot easier and quicker for you. You gain the benefit of a detailed survey and professional move consultation, without a site visit and at a time convenient to you.


    Everything is secure. From our technology, your personal data and the fact that you have full control of the video call at all times.

    How it works

    1. Book a time slot using the Booking Form

    2. Receive a Diary Reminder and access to our video tool

    3. Your Video Survey Call starts at your chosen time

    4. Use your device to show our Surveyor your items

    5. We send you a personal Move Plan and Quote in 24-48 hrs

    Book a Free Video Survey & Virtual Move Consultation time slot here.

    Plan your move using our Video Survey tool instead of requiring a surveyor to visit your home
    Use our Video Survey tool to walk around your home and show our professional move surveyors the items you want to be packed and then moved or stored.


    What is the purpose of a video survey?

    The purpose of the survey is manifold and is a key stage in planning a move. Most commonly it is described by international movers as a way to accurately identify the volume of items you wish to move to your new location necessary to provide a quotation. However, at Gerson Relocation we use the survey to greater effect, using it to help identify any items that are particularly delicate or those that require special care to ensure we define the correct packing methods to prevent damage.

    For international moves, it is essential to identify those items that have special customs considerations so that we can advise you correctly and how they should be handled from a customs process. Which enables us to minimise your costs.

    We also check important points such as parking and access points to make sure everything goes perfectly when you come to move.

    A free consultation by moving experts

    Where we use Gerson Relocation’s experienced move surveyors, we are able to offer more than a simple volume checking process. They will be able to answer your questions about your move, how we manage each stage of the process and identify the most cost-effective way of managing your move. They can discuss best practices to ensure that your personal possessions and items of personal value arrive at your new home in excellent condition.

    A free consultation by moving experts
    Plan your move from the comfort of your home. If you use video calls then you will be familiar with the format.

    Free Video Survey & Virtual Move Consultation Request Form.

    8 benefits of our Video Survey service

    Not all video surveys offered by international movers are the same. Our surveys are conducted by our experienced surveyors who understand the international move process, packing techniques, with many years of practical experience.

    i. Accurate: Professional move surveyors accurately estimate the move volume – accurate move quotations so no nasty surprises later on down the line

    ii. Free expert consultation: for packing, protecting and best transport for your possessions, with the latest customs information and guidance – minimises costs on your move

    iii. Convenient and flexible: Choose a time slot that suits you

    iv. Out of hours support: if you need a survey that is outside normal working hours, we can accommodate these requests

    v. No home visit required: so no waiting around

    vi. Secure: GDPR compliant, data security and you have full control of your call

    vii. User friendly: The video survey works on any smartphone, tablet or laptop

    viii. Quick: Receive your quotation within 24-48 hours after your video survey

    If you are familiar with Skype or having video calls on your phone, then you will be perfectly comfortable with the format. You have a video call with our professional moving surveyors, showing them the items around your home that you want to move and then they provide a free consultation on what is required and then provide you with a report and a quotation – simple and accurate!

    We offer a range digital support services, such as our Gerson FX services and our online destination guides which are free for our customers.

    Book your free virtual survey

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