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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in International Mobility Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) might have seemed like a technology of the future, but the reality is that more and more industries are considering its effects on daily tasks. While we have a long way to go with machine learning, things like ChatGPT and the Google AI announcements hint that we’re further along than we think. So the chances are if your role has anything to do with technology, new technologies like Artificial Intelligence are worth considering.

But just how helpful will these technological advancements be for international HR professionals? The mobility of employees across the globe is a complicated web of processes, so it might sound exciting that a machine in the not-too-distant future could take some of that workload. However, as ChatGPT might tell you, there are a number of concerns that might arise from discussions on how heavily we should rely on AI.

AI-Assisted Mobility

Looking forward, there are a huge number of ways that AI could revolutionise international HR, with the ability to be unbiased, immediate, and everywhere at once – something that human employees simply cannot replicate.

A woman wearing a work uniform walking through an airport with a small suitcase

Cultural Training

For employees relocating, AI has the potential to completely transform the pre and post-move support process. Beforehand, a personalised and immersive training package could prepare an employee entirely to begin life halfway across the world, with quality language and cultural training tailored to their needs. Finding suitable housing options depending on specific circumstances, selecting the right neighbourhood to live in for a family with young kids and much more can all make the most significant difference to an individual’s end-to-end experience.

It’s important to note that while the matching of requirements to real places can be tackled by technology, the finer elements will still require a human touch. This is the biggest caution given to those considering incorporating AI into processes at this early stage, particularly with something as personal as moving across the world. The wellbeing of employees should always be considered a priority.

Unbiased Selection

Another element of AI that is exciting for the future of HR is the lack of prejudice. If asked to work on assignments or personnel, Artificial Intelligence is far more likely to consider the practical elements of HR. That means disregarding traits like gender, orientation, and country of origin and placing a heavier focus on skill set, training, and progression.

While this seems excellent on paper, it’s important to note that AI still requires human input to acquire its information. Therefore, at this stage anyway, we cannot rule out that it has not and will not learn certain biases from human users.

Woman in a work blazer sitting beside her suitcase in an airport terminal

Performance Data

The amount of data is also a huge opportunity for HR on a global scale. The ability to analyse the enormous amount of data involved in an international business can help to predict trends, prepare for the future, compare performance and identify the potential of the business and its employees. Identifying these areas could save the wider company time and money, offering a starting point if nothing else.

Again, this opportunity comes with its risks and should always be considered alongside human judgement. The personal touch is imperative to HR to ensure a smooth global mobility end-to-end process for its users.

Man sitting at a coffee table with a white cup scrolling on his phone

All in all, the opportunities that AI could afford in the very near future are exciting to consider. However, one cannot ignore the essential human presence when it comes to organising and supporting employees on a global scale. This means that, at least for now, human influence will always be invaluable, but the potential of Artificial Intelligence cannot be ignored.

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