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Mobility Industry Set To Embrace ‘Conscious Capitalism’ In Talent Retention Techniques

The management team at Gerson Relocation keep an eye on hot topics and emerging trends in the mobility industry – to better inform our clients on how to successfully compete in the sector and stay ahead of the pack.

So, when we came across this article last week we felt it would be worth discussing here on our relocation blog.
The article highlights emerging concepts in the mobility industry – and one in particular that caught our eye, namely that of ‘conscious capitalism’ which resonated with some of our core values.
In the article, the idea of ‘conscious capitalism’ carries with it an element of higher purpose – and that’s something we align ourselves to closely in our work as a leading relocation company in London.
Some of the elements discussed in the piece around this are linked to what we strive to deliver everyday as a well-established relocation services provider: we don’t provide ‘conveyor belt’ relocation and moving services, but believe in providing a quality job every time. This futureproofs our expertise as a leading business relocation and domestic moving company.
The article covers four key principles tied into the over-arching ‘conscious capitalism’ concept, and we’re really pleased to see this being discussed on a wider forum within the mobility industry today.
Along with the sense and direction in higher purpose, the concept also embraces a conscious culture, stakeholder integration and conscious leadership – all four joining up to deliver a stronger, more professional, and loyalty-based professional mobility service.
This, in turn, also helps to boost talent retention – because happy and well-managed assignees tend to be more productive, remain within an organisation for longer, and are more profitable, too.
To review this fascinating series of insights, read the full article here.
If you’d like to find out more about Gerson Relocation and our mobility and relocation services, please feel free to contact us here.


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