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Unusual Removal Project Gives Gerson Relocation Another Opportunity To Be The Best

One of the management team at Gerson Relocation has been responsible recently for ensuring that vintage cars were safely and effectively transported, as part of a bespoke relocation and handling project.
Four grand old ladies of the road line up in Michael Gerson’s Whetstone warehouse before delivery to the start line of the London to Brighton run.
It’s been a hectic and unique experience, and one which has further confirmed the professionalism of our removal and handling teams in London to provide a first-class service to clients globally.
Seven priceless American vintage cars which entered this year’s centenary London to Brighton run were moved and professionally handled by leading removal and relocation firm Gerson Relocation.
A chance remark at a livery company meeting earlier this year led to Gerson Relocation being involved in arranging the importation from the United States, delivery to Hyde Park for a centenary run, vehicle collection from Brighton, and then re-export to the USA of the vintage vehicles.
Five of the cars were shipped from the USA to London by container, and the Gerson Relocation were on hand in the UK.
In fact, one of the logistical problems was how to fit five cars into a 40-foot-long container in the first place!
Chris Mackley, Gerson Relocation’s manager of the relocation and removal operation, commented:
“The answer was to take the front wheels off one of the cars, load it onto a pallet and turn it around sideways. It was a tight fit but it worked.”
In the container were three 1904 Oldsmobiles, one 1903 Oldsmobile, and 1903 Rambler.
The other two cars, a 1900 Panhard Levassor and a 1900 CVG, were still being prepared a week before the start of the run and were flown over to take part in the centenary event.
“This was hair-raising, as it involved the customs officer on duty being persuaded to clear the car before perishable goods which were also on the plane,” added Chris.
All the cars have since successfully participated in the run, to the delight of their owners, and have safely been returned to the USA by the expert removal and handling team at Gerson Relocation.
The company is no stranger to handling valuable items, especially after our experience of handling the movement of over £1.2bn worth of artefacts from the Tower of London to the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds recently – read this article on the full story here.
These two recent client case studies clearly highlight our ability as leading as a London-based removal firm to professionally handle a variety of different cargos for our customers.
If you’d like to find out more about Gerson Relocation and our domestic relocation services, please feel free to contact us here.
Picture caption: Four grand old ladies of the road line up in Michael Gerson’s Whetstone warehouse before delivery to the start line of the London to Brighton run.


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