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Why Talent Retention Needs To Be A Priority – Whatever The Economic Forecast Looks Like

The subject of talent retention is one that we keep a close eye on here at Gerson Relocation and with good reason – it’s an area we’re highly focused on with our clients, as leading providers of corporate relocation solutions in London.

So, when the management team spotted an interesting article highlighting helpful hints and tips on best-practice in talent retention, we decided to share it here on our relocation blog.
The article – which can be read in full here – provides a few simple but useful tips on how to provide consistent, meaningful and profitable talent retention within an organisation.
We particularly liked one of the core tips in the piece – namely, the dangers of trying to deliver a ‘one policy fits all’ approach. This rarely works, and often alienates assignees, in our experience.
Upskilling talent within an organisation is a huge topic, and one which relocation professionals are not paying a great deal of attention to.
Giving employees opportunities by moving abroad, or by moving into different departments in different areas of the same country or continent, can be an excellent way to increase training, loyalty, and to provide future leaders within the business.
One of the basic considerations, of course, remains the same – the need to provide a good service for each and every assignee. This is one element of corporate relocation which is non-negotiable, and which can have a huge impact on the talent retention levels in any organisation.
The hints and tips are a brilliant snapshot, and a great free checklist – find out more here.
If you’d like to find out more about Gerson Relocation and our corporate relocation services, please feel free to contact us here.


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