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The Definitive Moving Country Checklist Used by Relocation Companies

Keep yourself informed on the process of moving overseas and discover what the experts consider essential items on their relocation checklist.

International move projects are commonplace in all walks of life, be they part of business expansion or personal relocation. Whatever the reasoning behind your chosen relocation process, you’ll still have to face a number of obstacles before achieving success.

Gerson Relocation, experts in moving people abroad, believe the key to achieving such success lies a well-designed moving country checklist. Following a clearly defined and understandable list of objectives helps minimise mistakes, ensures all relevant aspects of the move are completed and that control remains firmly in the hands of whoever is managing the relocation project.

For those currently working to achieve international relocation success, consider using our moving country checklist, compiled by our overseas moving specialists:

Dynamic Moving Strategy

Effective relocation comes down to one thing: planning and logistics. Without a plan that outlines all aspects of a move, from timelines and budgets to essential tasks and potential problems, achieving the best results is unlikely. Success in relocation is derived from knowing exactly what is happening at all times. Because of this, the development of a comprehensive moving plan — one that provides an overview of all move elements — is absolutely essential.

Visa and Immigration Credentials

International relocation will almost always require some form of visa approval and immigration processing. An unmissable aspect of any moving country checklist, this essential relocation element is something you should not waste time on. Visa approval can take months, or even years, dependant on the type of relocation. Check this off your list as soon as possible.

Relocation Expense Analysis

Moving overseas can be a costly endeavour, but is often made more so by improper financial management. Producing a report of your estimated costs based on an analysis of your needs and expected resource usage, prior to starting your relocation process, can help craft a more cost-effective move; far more effective in terms of budgetary success than tallying costs as and when they come. Make sure you stick to your report, though. A survey by AIRINC discovered that while many corporations formulate a cost-analysis plan, nearly half fail to follow it.

Acquisition of Accommodation

Property requirements vary depending on the type of international move being undertaken. Long-term moves may require the purchasing of a house/apartment, while temporary work assignments may only necessitate short-term rental agreements or even hotel stays. However, no matter what type of move it is, finding appropriate accommodation is essential.

Shipping and Storage Management

International relocation often requires the movement of personal property overseas. This involves shipping — an aspect of the moving project that should be monitored carefully until all belongings have been successfully dispatched. If belongings are not being shipped, which is common for short-term relocation, acquisition of storage facilities should be considered a top priority. Uncertainty about what is happening with personal belongings is an unnecessary stressor that can be easily avoided if addressed early in the relocation process.

Transport Schedule

When approaching the date of relocation, it is important to be keenly aware of all aspects of travel involved in the move. Not only does this include flights, ferry journeys or train trips; it also includes getting to the transport hub, collection upon arrival and whatever other transport is necessary after to complete the journey. Often overlooked, creating a comprehensive transport schedule is a vital part of your moving country checklist, as it helps to avoid any last-minute problems and facilitates a smooth process.  

Essential Lifestyle Elements

Effective and successful relocation projects often come down to the small elements involved in moving abroad. Important facets of day-to-day life create the foundation of a stable international lifestyle. Ensuring these elements are ticked off your moving country checklist helps to accommodate a smooth relocation transition. These include:

  • Healthcare
  • Insurances
  • Banking
  • WiFi and connectivity
  • Phone access
  • Home utilities and bills
  • Personal transport

Establishing these daily essentials prior to a move is crucial to reducing stress, a sense of culture shock and helping to form a familiar routine. Other aspects of life can be a struggle while these elements remain incomplete.

Family Support Structures

Corporate relocation may entail moving not just an employee, but also their family. Ignorance of the needs of said family can result in failed relocation and, therefore, repatriation. The needs of the family should be considered as highly as that of the employee being assigned the overseas role. Understand the obstacles that are faced by relocating an entire family and make preparations tailored to their unique concerns and feedback.

Integration Plan

Problems settling in and culture shock are two of the primary reasons behind failed relocation projects. They can be avoided, however, with preparation and forethought. Establishing a plan of cultural learning, through educational materials and online resources, interviews with expats and language lessons, can help secure a better understanding of what life abroad will be like. This, followed by strategies to integrate with the local community upon arrival (such as getting involved in customs, taking up hobbies, joining local clubs, etc.) can help to produce a stable living environment that feels more like home than tourism.

The successful execution and commitment to a comprehensive moving country checklist, such as the one produced here by our international relocation experts, can greatly reduce move stress and accommodate a far smoother moving process.

In need of more expert guidance for your international relocation project? Gerson Relocation are overseas moving specialists with over two decades of valuable industry experience. Get in touch now and eliminate any concerns you might have about moving abroad.





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