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Top Global Mobility Solutions to Streamline Your Processes

If you are involved in the global relocation process of employees at your firm, you will know that it takes time and effort to perfect the process. Global mobility management involved countless moving parts, constantly changing obstacles and logistical minefields. Many international companies are now taking the plunge and enlisting the help of global mobility software solutions to take some of the load.

While it can be difficult to know where to start, there are a wide range of software solutions that can automate as much or as little of the mobility process as your company wants and needs. But with so many global mobility solutions providing software, how should you choose which one is best for your employee needs?

What factors should I consider when choosing global mobility software solutions?

We understand that every company is different. What you need in your software will be completely unique, meaning that it is not one-size-fits-all when it comes to global mobility management. When deciding on the right option for you and your business, you should include the following questions in your consideration.

  • How big is your global mobility programme? How many relocations would you complete in a year, for example?
  • How much control would you like to have as an employer? Which functions will be kept in-house?
  • How is your existing global HR structured? Do you need different portals available for different teams?
  • How much control would employees ideally have over their own assignments? Should there be a degree of self service?
  • How much will existing HR software need to integrate with new global mobility software solutions?

Now that you have a little more insight into the complexities of this decision, we have put together a list of the top global mobility solutions to streamline your business processes.

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Relotalent is a web-based global mobility solution which allows HR professionals, global mobility management teams, and assignees to oversee the most important factors of their international relocation process. Praised for its ease-of-use, real-time updates, and self-service applications, Relotalent allows integration with current service providers to create up-to-date reporting. Relotalent also provides transparent pricing information and a free trial so you can try the software before committing.

Equus Assignment Pro

If you have global mobility management teams tackling separate stages in the process, Equus could be the perfect option for your business. With 4 individual platforms addressing separate global mobility needs, you need not invest in the software elements that are not necessary to your firm. However, these individual platforms work well on cohesion, meaning that if you were to invest in all 4 that it would integrate effortlessly and flexibly for your employees.

Gerson Relocation Global Mobility Solutions

As a talented and experienced relocation specialist, our relocation management and reporting solutions are tailored to the needs of your company. Our state of the art relocation technology, powered by Qualys, is designed to ensure an exceptional relocation experience, from the ability to track and manage assignments, control over expense management, and coordinate your global mobility programme with ease. Our mobile-friendly application also allows seamless communication between relocating employees and their relocation manager, including secure transfer of documents, accessing destination information, and submitting relocation expenses.

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Lexicon 360

On a domestic and a corporate level, Lexicon 360 is designed specifically to be a global mobility solution that streamlines your relocation processes. With Lexicon, it’s simple to create dashboards that will provide useful and relevant information represented in an easily accessible way. HR professionals will benefit from the customised reporting, analytical elements and even help with GDPR compliance, while employees on assignment are provided with information on their destination and the handy mobile app for on-the-go expense reimbursements. Lexicon prioritises visibility across your programme, for both employer and employee.

Move Assist

The MoveAssist global mobility management software focuses on relocation. This software benefits from its creator, Mai Assignment, being experienced in global moves, with their beginnings as a solution for moving companies. With tools for tracking assignments, services, and providing up-to-date reporting, the software also provides portals for assignees and vendors, ensuring communication between service providers and employees at all times.

If Gerson Relocation is the right global mobility solutions provider for you, contact us about our management and reporting software today.


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