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Corporate Relocation Enquiries In London Hit New High

Whilst everyone at Gerson Relocation has been watching the post-Brexit landscape very closely for our business relocation clients in the UK and abroad, it appears that the market in London isn’t suffering at all post EU Referendum.

According to figures published in this news story recently, corporate relocation inquiries in London and the home Counties have hit a new high for July – clearly indicating that Brexit hasn’t yet had a negative impact on corporate relocation in London.

We’ve got more than five decade’s experience of business relocation, and being based in London with offices across the UK and operating across the world, we’re well-placed to see the bigger picture. This has put us in a unique position to advise our clients on the relevance of Brexit, too.

Taking a closer look at the new figures published, it’s great to see that the demand is there, although we would also comment that most corporate relocations are well in hand by July historically, as assignees get their families settled and ready for schools starting in September across the South East. The wider impact of Brexit won’t be known for a number of years, of course.

The article is extremely useful for corporate relocation professionals and is well worth a read – find out more here.
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