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Supporting Your Employees with Relocation Management Services

When it comes to corporate relocation, there can be many moving parts. Organisation includes not just the physical aspects of the move, but also the financial, administrative, and legal sides. As well as coordinating a smooth relocation, it can be a difficult task to ensure employees are settling and comfortable in their new environments, wherever that may be. Keeping track of these moving parts requires a team of experienced and professional experts in the field. However, does your Global Mobility team have the contacts and resources around the globe to ease every aspect and solve a variety of issues as they arise?

Enlisting the help of corporate relocation management services, like Gerson Relocation, can make the process more efficient, reliable, and as seamless as possible. Services start in the planning stages of the relocation and extend to settling in, supporting employee partners, and Departure Services. Our award-winning corporate international relocation services are there to alleviate pressure from your Global Mobility team and support employees through every step.

Here’s why you should consider Relocation Management Services to support employees undertaking an international relocation.

Specific to Your Needs

From experience, relocation management companies will know that every relocation is unique. Each situation will come with an individual and specific set of requirements, restraints, and issues. Therefore the first step in Corporate Relocation Management is to establish your global mobility goals and to understand your business. An internal team may not be able to consider all the individual requirements of employees which may cause issues in the process, not just logistically but emotionally for individuals.

The relocation programme we design for you will be perfectly tailored to the needs of your business and employees. Not only that, but we then adapt and refine the programme as your business requires. Though we offer Programme Management Services, we also ensure that you are always in complete control of your Global Mobility Programme. Your needs are always our priority.

Global Supply Chain

The different interconnecting parts that make up an international relocation require expertise in a wide range of areas and locations. Connections across these fields and locations make managing the different steps seamless. Experience will also help international relocation companies to identify the right provider for your needs. Here at Gerson, we have at least two providers in each location, allowing us to choose the right provider for you and your business.

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Local Connections Locally

Wherever your relocation takes you, relocation management companies will have local experts. These connections on the ground can coordinate everything on a local scale, easing employee arrival and the settling in process to assist your mobility team. Having local expertise at hand can save on money, time, and reduce complications that could arise upon arrival.

Here at Gerson Relocation, our accredited partners can assist with everything from local accommodation to area orientation.


Some companies may have a skilled mobility team that is able to coordinate the logistics and finances of their corporate mobility plans. However, it’s not always easy to consider the logistics of the plan as well as the individuals involved. International relocation services will ensure that individuals that are relocated are comfortable in their new environments. There could be a language barrier or cultural differences to bear in mind, or simply the stress of a new country. Employee happiness will have a huge impact on the success of the company’s mobility plan.

We always focus on the needs of the people we relocate. We strive for the best outcomes and the people we relocate are often more satisfied and better prepared for their relocation. Our Arrival Services can cover any integration difficulties, including Language and Cultural Training.


Corporate relocation management services can also create a more efficient process. Every step is managed, meaning that steps are connected and there are no delays or logistical problems with the relocation. Relocations will run as efficiently as possible as they are run by a dedicated team who will run checks at every step of the way.

Our global supply chain and local partners are all managed by us, meaning there are no gaps in the process. We ensure everything is running smoothly, with no waiting times due to administrative or legal issues.

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