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Do International Brands Need a Corporate Moving Plan?

In the modern world, companies are no longer confined to the borders of their own countries. International business is common, and so is the global relocation of employees. Global mobility can be an exciting step for a business and open up opportunities for the future. It opens up new and exciting markets, allows access to talent all over the world and provides opportunities for huge growth in the business.

For companies of any size, there are many complex and multifaceted factors involved in expanding to another country, either permanently or temporarily. It is more important than ever to have a strategy for such instances, whether this happens on a regular or an occasional basis.  This could involve investing in your company’s global mobility and creating a corporate moving plan.


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What is a Corporate Moving Plan? 

A corporate moving plan, or global mobility programme, involves creating a seamless and all-inclusive plan for international expansions. By no means does such a strategy assume that one size will fit all – for each international location, there will be a different set of challenges and processes to contend with. The moving plan for your company will need to be unique as it considers and incorporates your expectations for the future as well as your corporate values and culture. Whatever is most important to your company should be reflected in any plan for the future.

Though the benefits of expanding your business overseas can be excellent, each step of the process can provide a new set of boundaries. Considering the tax process, legal aspects and even practical sides to the move can be a headache for companies of any size. Planning for the future will help to mitigate these risks, foresee any major problems before they occur and ease the process so that you can focus on the benefits. The following highlights exactly how a corporate moving plan can help your company.

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Saving on cost

The initial cost of expanding globally can be a huge negative factor in establishing an international branch. Planning sufficiently can help to save cost as a more streamlined process can be created, avoiding or planning for administrative snags. Having a plan can reduce waiting times, meaning that your international branch can be up and running as fast as possible. Intermediate steps can be planned for so there will be no surprises to drive up costs or processing time.


Having an efficient and fast process of expanding provides a range of advantages to your company, both economically and in an administrative sense. The speed at which a company can establish an international presence can improve its reputation globally. Business competitors can be beaten out as your company has the resources and connections to settle quicker, create relationships and transfer knowledge and resources more efficiently. Moreover, there will be less stress involved for the company and its individual employees.

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Lower Risk Relocation

A corporate moving plan accounts for any problems that could occur, overseeing all steps of global expansion. When entering any new market, there are administrative and legal processes to consider and the practicalities of physically entering a new country. Preparing all the required documents to alleviate entering a new market with different tax laws can avoid any obstructions to the expansion process. Having a clear overview will ensure your company has planned for every step, avoiding embarrassing problems with everything from visas and documentation to environmental and property laws in a new country.

Employee Satisfaction

With a smoother process, employees will have a more positive experience when they themselves are relocated abroad for any period, temporary or permanent. Through the foresight of a corporate moving plan, the relocation of personnel will not be a random selection. Companies will have the liberty to consider their employees, their skills, and their personal and professional circumstances. Keeping employees happy and relaxed can improve business significantly.

Furthermore, an international company’s moving plan can accommodate factors like accommodation, the language, and cultural aspects of a relocation, facilitating the process and instantly putting individuals at ease. At Gerson Relocation, employee relocation is part of our core services. Whether it’s immigration coordination, move management or destination services, we can support your business.

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