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How to keep your move plans on track

Staying at home, doesn’t necessarily mean that your life plans to move to a new home or relocate to a new country should be put on hold indefinitely. Luckily there are some useful options available through Gerson Relocation that could help keep your move on track and ready to go when you are.

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How to keep your move plans on track

Video surveys for your home move
Our Video Survey app

Video Surveys and Move Consultation

To get an accurate estimate on the volume of items you want to move (required for a Move Quote) you most commonly need to have a survey of the items in your home.

Our Video Survey service is free and helps you to plan your move using your mobile phone, tablet or iPad instead of requiring a surveyor to visit your home in person – perfect if you cannot leave your house.

A key part of an international move is around identifying the volume of items you wish to move to your new location and checking the items that you wish to move for items that require special care, or for international moves those items that have special customs considerations to avoid costly charges. This normally involves conducting a survey of your home. Thanks to our Virtual Survey App, you don’t need to leave your home or have someone visit your property to conduct the survey and provide you with a free consultation for your upcoming move.

If you are familiar with Skype or having video calls on your phone, then you will be perfectly comfortable with the format. You have a video call with our professional moving surveyors, showing them the items around your home that you want to move and then they provide a free consultation on what is required and then provide you with a report and a quotation – simple and accurate!

A free consultation by moving experts
Using our Video Survey App is just like using Facetime, Skype, WhatsApp Video or any other video call system you use.

If you haven’t tried it then it’s worth giving it a go. All you need is a decent Wi-Fi or Phone signal. It’s also secure and you are in full control.

Just complete the Form to request a Video Survey time slot you would prefer and we will do the rest.


Research the move process and your new destination from your sofa

Get a head start and get to know your new destination country with our free destination guides. They are better than Wikipedia and written by relocation experts, living on location providing an overview of local property markets, schooling, cultural aspects you need to be aware of and information to help you settle-in. Our guide to the international move process is also invaluable with lots of checklists and jargon buster sheets.

Reserve your move with flexible dates

Once you receive your Move Quote and you are happy to proceed then you can easily confirm your acceptance and reserve the date for your move. Don’t worry if the date of your move is likely to change, as you can pay a small deposit and choose our flexible option which means that once you are able to move we can set the date for you.


Plan your finances with Gerson FX

If you want to transfer your money internationally or exchange currencies, then our FX service can help you gain control of your finances. There are a range of tools available to you so that you can manage the purchase rates. Take a look here at the FX options available to you. If you are interested you can make a free enquiry and speak to an FX Expert. By using a specialist FX service you also save on bank charges.

Gerson FX international money transfers
Save on bank charges and choose the exchange rate you want with Gerson FX

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