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Case Study – Managing Emergency Situations – A Mobility Perspective

Managing Emergency Situations – A Mobility Perspective

Are you concerned about managing emergency situations, how you would handle a disaster; natural or man-made?

Today Mobility Managers can be called upon to provide contingency plans for acts of war, terrorism, natural disasters, political coups and epidemics; events that often cannot be predicted but need to be planned for, how do you communicate when traditional means of communication fail,  how does your organisation ensure the safety of your assignees and their families and what lessons can be learned from the solutions put in place at the time.

Gerson Relocation are proud to present this informative session providing an insight into the challenges that occur in the event of a crisis with speakers providing their personal experience of managing these situations.

Ask yourself, how effective would your response be?   

Date: 14th March 2018
Time: 09.00-12.00
Location: Commonwealth Bank of Australia, One New Ludgate, 60 Ludgate Hill London EC4M 7AW
Cost: This session is free to attend for all in-house mobility professionals

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This session is a must attend event for any mobility professional tasked with managing a globally mobile workforce.  This session will provide delegates with information on:

  • What to do when the unthinkable happens?
  • Emergency situations – where do you start to evacuate, who do you take, who do you leave?
  • How well are you prepared if you needed to evacuate your staff today
  • Who, what and how do you communicate
  • How do you work with security teams and other vendors?
  • How to set up an internal crisis team
  • Lessons learnt from recent emergency situations

The session will enable all mobility managers to talk to peers who have had to handle large scale evacuations of expatriates and local staff members in various situations and they will leave with a better understanding of what protocols and processes they need to establish in in their own company.

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