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Gotham Cities Bat Signal Is Lit Up Over Daventry!

Gerson Relocation Ltd has secured a most unusual move of Batman memorabilia from Cheshire to Japan. The private collection was started back in 1961 and is the 2nd largest collection in world.

The collection consists of just about everything to do with Batman, including the Bat Mobile and a one off Batman cardboard box which is a car for children to step into and run around, it’s the only one in the world so careful and special packaging was used.

The collection has numerous toys, costumes and even a Batman pogo stick. The final volume of the collection which was packed by the Gerson Daventry office’s 3 man crew was 450 cubic feet which would normally be a volume to load into a shipping container by sea. However, the buyer in Japan decided to have the shipment sent by air to Tokyo for the sake of speed.

The buyer insisted on lots of photographs to be taken before, during and after the packing, plus during the air freight casing process in the Gerson warehouse.

It will good to see the collection in its new home once delivered.

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