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What’s New In Technology For Global Mobility

The subject of technology within the global mobility industry is something our teams here at Gerson Relocation like to discuss on a regular basis.

Not because we’re obsessed with tech, but simply because the value of utilising the most appropriate technology platforms and solutions makes for a more professional and seamless experience for our clients in the UK and abroad when they are moving permanently or short-term.

Our team of international movers and global mobility professionals came across a useful industry publication here last week – which we recommend our clients and mobility readers take a closer look at.

We try and not to focus too much on the technology within the global mobility sector too much – for us, it’s far more important to utilise the most appropriate technology solution to enable an assignee to complete every relevant project variable.

This might, for example, simply be to track and update their documentation. Some technology solutions in the global mobility industry enable assignees to complete complex tasks, whilst other platforms are more basic – giving them the ability to move status on tasks to a mobility team to track and deliver more advanced options and deliverables within a mobility project.

Technology should, in its purest form, enable both assignees and global mobility teams to track a policy on an end-to-end basis so that all documentation is completed but also fully accessible.

When it comes to international relocation, our mobility teams are used to working on different projects and assignments with different needs and sometimes quite complex requirements.

This is where technology plays a part – in providing the best-fit, most applicable, and least timely solution for the global mobility team and all assignees involved in the contract. Time is money!

Interestingly, the article highlights that when it comes to technological advances in the global mobility sector, the best solutions are often also the simplest.

The article highlights some of the best technology uses in the global mobility – and we highly recommend reading it. Find out more here.

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