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Exploring differences in management of short and long term assignees

RES Forum survey

At Gerson Relocation the support we are asked to provide to organisations relocating their employees overseas is determined by each clients relocation policy.  Over the years we have seen a growth in the variety of assignment types that clients use within their relocation policy and an evolution of rationale for the utilisation of a specific assignment type, none more so than the evolution of the traditional long term and short term assignment.  Interestingly, the specific allowances within each assignment type are often determined not only by the industry sector but the strategic aims of the company and the culture within which they operate.

The RES Forum are asking their members to provide an insight into the differences between the management of short and long term assignees through their new survey which will be published in Spring 2018.  As a RES Forum member you can complete the survey of just 27 multiple choice questions in approximately 10 minutes. Complete survey

The report will be authored by Professor Michael Dickmann, Professor of International HRM at Cranfield University, School of Management.

The RES Forum identify this as one of their key surveys that build the backbone of their independent annual report and they aim for as many respondents as possible.  Please remember that by participating in this survey and their Annual Report research, you are helping to shape global mobility thinking, policies and practices. The data is also used for research purposes and wider dissemination.

The RES Forum Annual report is truly unique in the HR mobility space in that it reflects the hot topics and issues for global mobility professionals as identified by global mobility professionals.

To read a summary of the annual report click here: Read Report

To download the complete 2017 RES Annual Report, please follow this link: Download

RES Forum

The RES Forum was created in 2006 as an independent community for International HR & Mobility professionals and is now the largest and most active network specialising in global mobility survey data, modelling and analytics.

Mobility professionals from many of the world’s leading companies have joined the RES Forum and are active participants in knowledge sharing in an increasingly growing online community of over 1345 members within 701 companies in 39 countries.

Gerson Relocation

Gerson Relocation provide world-leading relocation services.

Gerson Relocation was founded in 1961 and has been providing cost-effective and dedicated relocation services to a wide variety of corporate organisations from the very start. In 2016, Gerson Relocation partnered with Abels and Momentous.

Since day one, we have strived to do things differently. By offering a truly personal and professional service that covers the entire process of relocation, from planning to post-move support, we can dramatically improve the success rate of your assignments. That means your assignees are happy and supported in their new location, and your business sees more success as a result.

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