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UPDATED UK Transfer of Residence (ToR) | Further Frequently Asked Questions – August 2017

New UK Transfer of Residence (ToR) | Applications & Customs Clearance Procedures

Latest update as of 21st August 2017:

Further Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is the current waiting time for ToR to be granted and a URN No. (Unique Reference Number) issued?

In the past month, the waiting time has reduced significantly as the NCH (National Clearance Hub) has managed to clear a large backlog of applications.  The waiting time for e-mail applications is now approximately 12 – 14 days.

2) Will I receive my URN (Unique Reference Number) quicker if I send my application and enclosures to the NCH by post / courier?

Some applicants have trialed this in the past month. Each URN was received exactly 7 days later, so this is another option and a slightly quicker option at present.   As a reminder, the address to send postal applications to is:

HM Revenue and Customs
National Clearance Hub
Ralli Quays
3 Stanley Street
M60 9LA
United Kingdom

3) What does the Applicant need to ensure when submitting their ToR application?

As a reminder, the applicant must ensure their full name is written in the subject line of their application. If this is not done, at best, it will delay the processing of their application, but it could result in a rejection of their application.

In addition, the total size of any enclosures must not exceed 6MB, otherwise their application will not be received by the NCH. If the applicant has enclosures which are larger than 6MB, they need to send separate e-mails to the NCH with their enclosures attached. They need to ensure their name is in the subject line, that they tell them what enclosures are being sent and that each e-mail sent is numbered 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, etc.

4) Am I able to send password-protected documents and if I send the password in a separate e-mail, will this cause any issues?

Whilst this is possible, it is not advisable.  We know that some applicants have had issues when sending password-protected documents to the NCH, with e-mails going missing or the NCH not being able to match up separate e-mails sent.  The BAR (British Association of Removers) have spoken to the NCH about this and NCH have advised they are still ‘’considering’’ whether sending password-protected documents should be allowed.  Therefore, it is advisable not to send password-protected documents where at all possible and to send documents by courier to NCH, if there are confidentiality concerns.

5) What information and documentation do we need for customs clearance purposes in the UK:

Any ToR application must be made by the applicant who is transferring their residence to the UK.  However, we require the following information on any shipment being sent to the UK, which we then need to submit to our clearing agent in the UK:

  • Copy of the Packing List
  • Copy of the Bill of lading or Air Waybill
  • The Applicant’s URN
  • The Total Replacement Value of the Applicant’s Effects
  • The Applicant’s UK Address**

**For the Applicant’s UK address, they need to inform customs that they have a permanent place to live within the UK.  They will not be able to use a work address or their employer’s address.  If they do not yet have details of their permanent residence, customs will accept a temporary address, but they must provide an explanation why a permanent address is not yet established.  HM Customs may then permit them a maximum of 6 months to notify them of their permanent address.**

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