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UPDATED UK Transfer of Residence (ToR) | Further Frequently Asked Questions

New UK Transfer of Residence (ToR) | Applications & Customs Clearance Procedures

Latest update as of 18th July 2017:

Further Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is the current waiting time for ToR to be granted and a URN No. issued?

The current waiting time is 3 – 4 weeks.  There is still a huge backlog and the ToR team is dealing with more than 4,000 applications in total.

2) Does the shipper need another URN if they have a 2nd shipment within 12 months from date they put on their initial application under the question: “From what date have you lived, or from what date do you expect to live in the UK?”

Yes, the shipper will need to apply for another URN for any subsequent shipment within that 12 month period, unless the list of goods in the second shipment was sent to the ToR team at the time of their initial application.

3) Why does the Shipper’s name need to be in the subject line of their e-mail application?

As a reminder, the shipper must ensure their full name is written in the subject line. The ToR team struggle to find applications when carrying out searches, if the shippers name is not written in the subject line.  It will also delay the processing of applications.

4) If a shipper has applied for ToR and obtained a URN, can they send their ‘Pet’ to the UK at later date under the same URN?

If information about their ‘Pet’ is submitted at the time of the shipper’s initial ToR application, then they do NOT need to apply for a separate URN, but if that information is not provided, then a separate application must be made later on.

5) Can the shipper use their employer’s or work address?

No. As a reminder, HM customs states the following: ‘’You will not be able to use a work address or your employer’s address. If you do not yet have details of your permanent residence, we will accept a temporary address as an exception, but you must provide an explanation why a permanent address is not yet established. We may then permit you a maximum of 6 months to notify us of your permanent address.’’

6) What number do I need to call if I want to speak to the ToR team and check on the status of my application?

National Clearance Hub Helpline (for general enquiries on applications): 0300 058 8454
National Advice Service (for ‘’Duty & Tax’’ enquiries): 0300 200 3700


If you have any questions then please email us on



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