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UPDATED UK Transfer of Residence (ToR) | Further Frequently Asked Questions

New UK Transfer of Residence (ToR) | Applications & Customs Clearance Procedures

Latest update as of 13th June 2017:

Further Frequently Asked Questions:

1)       What is the current waiting time for ToR to be granted and a URN No. issued?:

In the last month, the waiting time has unfortunately risen to 3-5 weeks!  There is currently a huge backlog and the ToR team is currently dealing with over 4,000 new applications.

2)       Is there a solution to bring the waiting time down?

On 9th June, the ToR team advised that they were currently training a new team of people to assist the main TOR team.  This should help with the backlog of applications.

3)       Applications being ‘lost’ in the ToR system:

We have had cases of shippers applications becoming ‘lost’ after they’ve been sent.  Most people do not get an acknowledgement e-mail from the ToR team once they’ve sent their application, but we need to remind you that any attachments sent which are over 6 MB in size will not be received.  The shipper should send separate e-mails if they have large attachments.

4)       Shippers name must be in the subject line:

The Shipper must also ensure their full name is written in the subject line in order to avoid delays with the application process.

5)       How much is Airline Storage in the UK?:

Our advice is not to send a shipment until a URN has been received.  However, if an agent / shipper is adamant that a shipment be sent and is happy to incur Airline Storage until the URN has been received, Airline Storage can range between GBP 14.00 to GBP 20.00 per 100 KG per day.  Of course, the other option is for the shipper to pay Duty & Tax on their effects in order to get their shipment cleared and delivered, then apply for a refund once ToR approval has been granted in due course.



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