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UPDATED UK Transfer of Residence (ToR) | Further Frequently Asked Questions – October 2017

New UK Transfer of Residence (ToR) | Applications & Customs Clearance Procedures

Latest update as of 31st October 2017:

Further Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is the current waiting time for ToR to be granted and a URN No. (Unique Reference Number) issued?

The current published official waiting time for e-mail applications is: within 10 working days.

However we are experiencing most URN’s being issued within 1-2 days!

Over the past couple of months, the waiting time has significantly reduced as the National Clearance Hub (NCH) has worked extremely hard to clear a large backlog of applications.

2) Does the ToR1 Application Form allow the Applicant to import their Car to the UK from overseas?

Yes – The applicant should go to the following link to complete and submit their application:

The ToR1 Form (Application for Transfer of Residence relief) has replaced the following form: Import and export: import of private motor vehicle from outside the European Community (C104A)

3) If the Applicant ships their Car to the UK, can they also claim relief for import duties and taxes?

The applicant can claim relief provided the vehicle is for their own private use only during their visit to the UK / residency in the UK and provided they meet the following criteria:

  • The vehicle is registered outside the EU or, if not registered, belongs to them or someone else who has had their normal home outside the EU for the past 12 months or more. They must also have owned and used the vehicle for 6 months or more.
  • They don’t sell, lend, hire out their vehicle, or otherwise dispose of it in the EU for the first 12 months from their date of arrival in the UK (which is the date they put down on their application form)
  • They re-export the vehicle from the EU within 6 months (if they are a student or someone fulfilling an assignment of a specific duration for example a work contract, the vehicle can remain in the EU for the period of their studies or until the end of their assignment)
  • They need to be aware of the UK’s licensing and registration requirements. You can read more about importing vehicles into the UK at the following link:

4) What does the Applicant need to ensure when submitting their ToR application?

As a reminder, the applicant must ensure their full name is written in the subject line of their application. If this is not done, at best, it will delay the processing of their application, but it could result in a rejection of their application.

In addition, the total size of any enclosures must not exceed 6MB, otherwise their application will not be received by the NCH. If the applicant has enclosures which are larger than 6MB, they need to send separate e-mails to the NCH with their enclosures attached. They need to ensure their name is in the subject line, that they tell them what enclosures are being sent and that each e-mail sent is numbered 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, etc.

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