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Top Questions To Consider When Relocating Abroad In 2015

Here at Gerson Relocation, we’ve been monitoring the latest corporate relocation, private relocation, overseas moving, and international relocation news – and came across this interesting article which is worth examining in line with relocation issues in 2015.
The article highlights some of the critical elements to consider with foreign economies and how this can impact a corporate relocation or overseas move for work.
In particular, the article – which discusses certain economic stress situations and how the Bank of England would cope with financial crises from turbulent foreign economic issues – shows that any corporate relocation or individual private overseas move needs to consider the bigger financial picture in the host country.
Our top questions to consider when relocating abroad in 2015 include:
* If financial markets change in the host country, how will the assignee respond?
* Does the corporate relocation policy have an emergency get-out option?
* Is the corporate relocation company looking to slow down the movement of staff to the global areas highlighted in the article?
* If the markets abroad change, will the corporate relocation company have different global territories to conduct business in and move assignees?
Not everything can be predicted for or protected against, but when it comes to corporate relocation, private relocation and international relocation, we believe that preparation is the key to a positive experience for all parties involved.
If you’d like to find our more about Gerson Relocation and our corporate relocation, domestic relocation, and global mobility services, please feel free to contact us here.


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