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Timber Recycling Partnership For Gerson Relocation With Woods Forever Of Essex

Gerson Relocation has signed an agreement with Woods Forever for all its timber recycling needs.
Dean Adde, Operations Manager at Gerson Relocation on right and Paul Mortimer of Woods Forever on left
Dean Adde, Operations Manager for Gerson Relocation commented: ”We have a constant need to dispose of timber and, with the need to recycle as much waste material as possible, it’s been great to find a company like Woods Forever who will turn up at the agreed time on the agreed day and carry out the work for a reasonable price. At this time of year, we can fill their truck on a weekly or fortnightly basis as we have so much waste throughput”.
Woods Forever is run by Paul & Sue Mortimer from their base at Stapleford Tawney in Essex. The company has been in operation for over 7 years and has 6 employees. Apart from Gerson Relocation, their sources for used timber are mainly the construction industry. Customers are mainly private individuals who use the recycled timber for sheds or garden furniture although the company does manufacture a range of bespoke pallets for one client. Currently, Woods Forever can sell whatever throughput they get and any timber they cannot reuse themselves is chipped and then either used in particleboard or sold on to power stations as fuel – it’s a 100% recycled operation !
Dean Adde again: “ We are very pleased to have found a reliable partner who can assist us so much in recycling our waste and move that away from landfill”

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