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Download: The RES Forum Global Mobility Annual Report 2018

Available now – the 2018 RES Forum Global Mobility Annual Report

Global Mobility of the Future: Smart, Agile, Flawless and Efficient

As part of the Harmony Relocation Network, Gerson Relocation supports the RES Forum and provides you access to the 2018 Annual Report. The report argues that 2017 into 2018 has seen the start of a paradigm shift in optimising the effectiveness of programmes.  The report explores this in detail.

Download the 2018 Global Mobility Trends Executive Summary

Download the 2018 Global Mobility Trends Executive Summary

The summary provides a handy synopsis of the findings with expert commentary from the panel (Andrea Piacentini Co-founder, The RES Forum / Professor Michael F. Dickmann Professor of International HRM, Cranfield University, School of Management, United Kingdom).


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If you like what you see, you can join the RES Forum and download the full 2018 RES Report, please follow this link

Top 5 Top recommendations for Flawless Global Mobility

Taken from Dickmann’s 10 short recommendations.

1. Augment the position of the GM department

2. Maintain overall GM control

3. Use outsourcing selectively to avoid bottlenecks

4. Overcome compliance issues through cooperation with service providers

5. Identify highest quality outsourcing areas and needs



About the RES Forum

The RES Forum is an independent, highly engaged and international community of senior inhouse International Human Resources professionals with more than 1600 members in over 45 countries. We are not influenced by external parties or third-party vendors. We share information to make our working lives easier and to assist in solving difficult work challenges. We collaborate on shared projects and initiatives, and we learn together. Our agenda, set entirely by our membership, is delivered through a spectrum of services including member information exchange, custom research, professional consultancy and training and a full schedule of events held around the globe.

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