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Is Your SOLAS Policy Flexible Enough To Cover Any Additional Costs On Your International Shipping?

This week at Gerson Relocation, we’re taking a closer look at changes to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) convention, and how this affects mandatory container weight verifications for international shipping.

This, in turn, can place additional costs to individual relocation packages and assignments for employee relocations abroad – an area where Gerson Relocation operates extensively.
When it comes to global moving services, global relocation, and international shipping, our international movers and packers are well-placed to assist.

One of the main impacts of changes to the SOLAS legislation could well be additional costs for companies relocating employees abroad from London to Europe, North American and Asia. We offer robust mobile solutions.

Any increases in budget when it comes to human capital management can have a huge impact on international moving companies – even a slight increase in weight per individual assignees for a population of 1,000 employees being relocated would create a significant extra cost to manage.

To find out about the changes to current SOLAS policy, please visit here for full guidelines and notes on changes.

As a leading international removal company, we’re happy to assist – even if this means simply having an informal discussion with you as a potential client on how we can help you ensure that your SOLAS policy is flexible enough.

If you’d like to find our more about Gerson Relocation and our corporate relocation, domestic relocation, international moving and global mobility services, please feel free to contact us here.

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