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The History Of Michael Gerson And Business Moving Uncovered

Here at Gerson Relocation, we have a proud and long history in business moving, business relocation, commercial moving, business removals, corporate relocation and employee relocation – and as a leading corporate relocation company in London, we strive hard to ensure our reputation keeps us ahead of our competitors.

So, it was with huge delight that our marketing team uncovered an incredible example from the early days of Michael Gerson – dating back to 1902.

black and white picture of a Gerson Removals horse and cart

The above picture shows a horse-drawn pantechnicon in Michael Gerson livery – which made its debut at the New Year day parade in 1902 in London. The public crowds on that day, estimated at one million, admire the stunning example of our early company removal services in action in central London. Built and showcased in 1902 by Purdey’s of Nine Elms, this stunning example of a company removal vehicle was painstakingly restored and actually used for a local move in Watton in 1985. The small wheels on the pantechnicon allowed easy loading, with the town boards folded down into a rail-flat car which could pass through railway tunnels and under bridges across London whilst completing removals.

Although we recently re-branded to Gerson Relocation, our roots and history as one of London’s most well-established and longest-standing providers of corporate relocation services means our heritage delivers trust in abundance. The shire horses used to pull the restored vehicle, called Nick Nack and Paddy Wack, are owned and driven by Chris Ower of College farm – this is close to the centre of London and used as an example of an historic farm. The pantechnicon is permanently housed here along with the shire horses used to pull it. The fabulous example above is exhibited with Michael Gerson’s 1945 LC3 Morris Commercial, another fine example of our history and heritage in action, and yet preserved for many decades to come for all.

Our full service relocation has come a long way since 1902, but the core service ethic first envisaged by Michael Gerson is still in place – making us one of the most reliable and trusted corporate removal and domestic removal companies in London, as well as a leader in global mobility around the world.

If you’d like to find our more about Gerson Relocation and our corporate relocation, domestic relocation, and global mobility services, please feel free to contact us here.


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