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Offer: We have 50 reusable STOJO cups to give away

Gerson Relocation reducing waste and saving you money

What have a coffee cup and impeccable moving services got in common? The answer is more than you think…

When it comes to raising awareness of sustainability, reducing cost and delivering impeccable moving services, we thought a good place to start was with something simple and that everyone can relate to…your morning brew!

As part of our objective to reduce waste, save our customers money and encourage people to use our moving service for better service performance, we are giving away 50 limited edition Gerson Relocation reusable cups.


Tea or Coffee?

As global citizens we love our coffee, especially from city centre coffee shops, which means a lot of waste from disposable cups, these have a thin plastic lining and are hard to recycle.

In fact in the UK alone we use 7 million disposable coffee cups every day (2.5 billion every year).

If like us, you drink approximately 3 cups of coffee a day, by swapping to a reusable cup you can save hundreds of disposable cups and their plastic linings. That’s a good start.  If you use Gerson Relocation we can help with the moving services part.


Complete the form below to request your Gerson Relocation reusable cup

All you need to do is complete the request form below.  You don’t need to be a customer, but we only have 50 to give away.  They are really convenient and fold away to stow in your bag.

You can then use it each time you buy your morning coffee or tea to reduce waste and save money!


Enjoying a premium quality cup of coffee (or tea) needn’t cost the earth

STOJO, much like Gerson Relocation, is the perfect partner for people on the move. Watch the video to see how it works.

The STOJO cup is great for the globally mobile employee; it is reusable, sustainable, perfectly engineered and a beautiful example of an innovation which can reduce waste. It is also BPA free, dishwasher safe and saves you money every time you use it.

We think STOJO is a perfect metaphor for our service at Gerson Relocation – all neatly summarised in a cup. So, if you are looking for impeccable moving services, sustainability and cost effectiveness, contact us.


Request Form

Complete the form to request your STOJO.

Why not talk to us over a coffee, or tea, about what you want to do to build a sustainable mobility programme and optimise its performance.

We would also love to share with you the relevant exciting things we are doing and how we are helping clients to save money, ensure compliance and deliver impeccable service.

Let’s meet at your favourite coffee shop. We will bring your free STOJO (RRP £10). Naturally, the drinks are on us 🙂



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