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Moving home? Top Tips for a Successful Video Survey

Tips for a Successful Video Survey

Let’s get the camera rolling on video surveys

Gerson Relocation offers a wide range of moving and relocation services, one of which is our top-rated video survey platform and our experienced Video Surveyors. In this blog we are going to give you our top tips for a successful video pre-move survey and how this can benefit you.

Preparing for your video survey…

Top Tips for a Successful Video Survey

Lights!… Camera!…

• Connection – A good Wi-Fi signal or 4G connection is essential. Without any of these we cannot shoot the movie.
• Battery power – Make sure your phone or tablet is fully charged before the survey begins.
• Valuable items – have a good idea of all valuable or sentimental items that concern you.
• Tape measure – It is always handy to have a tape measure with you during the survey, this is required if any item needs to be crated. Such as: TVs, paintings, glass tops etc.
• Lighting – Make sure there is suitable lighting in areas that are required such as: lofts, sheds etc.
• Sensitive items – Have a walk through your home before the surveyor calls you, you may have sensitive information or items that you would prefer the surveyor not to see.
• Timing – Make sure you have given yourself enough time for the survey. The bigger the property the longer the survey will take.
• You are in control – remember that you are the director and choose what to point your camera at.
• Questions – Have a list of questions ready before the surveyor calls, remember you are the star of the show so there is no such thing as a stupid question so feel free to ask your surveyor anything regarding your move.

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