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ICM Gerson Re-Brands As Gerson Relocation In New Growth Phase

One of the world’s most respected providers of international and domestic relocation services, ICM Gerson, are proud to announce a re-brand as part of an exciting growth phase.
Newly-named Gerson Relocation maintains a leading position in the delivery of quality moving and relocation services, with over fifty years’ experience.
Gerson Relocation’s Managing Director Niall Mackay says:
“We’re dropping the ICM Gerson brand name and moving to Gerson Relocation as part of the next growth phase of our business. Our customers and suppliers have called us simply Gerson for some time now, and the re-brand makes sense on every level, for our clients for our staff, and for our owners.
“Much has changed internally and externally in the marketplace in recent months, and we’re finding our new business is increasing via connections with the corporate sector. This growth in corporate wins for us is also coupled with our commitment to and involvement with our agent partners around the world.”
Gerson Relocation will invest substantially in the re-branding, including vehicle branding, website development, company materials and a comprehensive marketing programme.
The company has also recently invested in a new software operating system, enabling a new reporting suite online for customers, including client portals and landing pages. This investment is ongoing in Gerson’s UK operations.
Niall Mackay concludes:
“We will continue to support large and small organisations, as well as private individuals with their moving and relocation needs. The re-brand to Gerson Relocation is part of a wider series of forward-looking changes that will position us for the future as well as recognising the strengths our brand has built up over the years.”

For further details, visit the Gerson Relocation website at or ring the UK Headquarters on 01707 648511.


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