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How to choose a corporate moving company

To tackle a multi-faceted corporate move, however big or small your company, is a huge challenge. You want a process that is as smooth as possible which will cause minimal disruption not only to the running of your business but also to the lives of your employees. To take the bulk of the weight from your shoulders, corporate moving companies are there to step in. But just which company is best for your company?

There are many things to consider when choosing your corporate moving services while also considering your budget. While you may have an idea of the process, it can be easy to miss vital elements in your decision, which can cause havoc with your move and your budget projections. We have put together a guide on how to choose a company to take care of your corporate move.

Check Accreditations

It may seem obvious, but it can be easily forgotten when you have scrolled through a dozen corporate moving companies’ pages. You shouldn’t put the state of your company in the hands of an inexperienced individual with a moving van. Accreditations work to prove that companies have the experience and resources to provide excellent services.

The British Association of Removers, FIDI and Eura are some of the most influential UK and international moving partners. Checking that your corporate moving service has partners like these is a great first step in your decision process.

Know What You’re Paying For

If your company is large, a wide range of services might be required to accompany your corporate move. The last thing you want is to be left high and dry, halfway through a move and with no assistance to complete it. You should consider everything that your business needs to relocate, from IT equipment to people, and ensure that the company you choose covers all these bases, including the following:

  • Installation: Ensure your moving company will assist you in installing your furniture and technology in your new location, not just leave you with the moving boxes.
  • IT services: Don’t forget about the computers, whiteboards, and any other electronic equipment that is vital to your business.
  • Disposing of unwanted items: Throughout moving, your company will encounter objects that are no longer needed. Moving companies should be able to accommodate this and offer disposal services.
  • Storage: Secure storage solutions are often vital to ensure a longer move goes as seamlessly as possible.
  • Employee relocation services: If you need them, employee moving services are an excellent help and will take even more pressure off your shoulders.
  • Insurance: Experienced companies are also realistic in that they should offer insurance to ensure you are protected if the worst should happen.
Woman sitting behind a desk with business people walking around the ground floor.

Point of Contact

It can be a great feeling to have a well-equipped company overseeing and managing your corporate move. However, communication is still vital. You should be kept up to date throughout the moving process, whether things are running smoothly or there is a hitch. At the same time, you should not be finding yourself drowning in lines of communication with your company. Having access to a single point of contact or coordination will ensure you are informed but not overwhelmed with keeping up to date with your corporate move.

If you choose Gerson Relocation for your corporate move, we provide a single point of coordination, making it simple and easy to keep track of your move.

Frequent Review Websites

Real-life experiences should form part of the driving force behind your decision on a corporate moving service for your office removal. If you are familiar with companies that have recently undergone a corporate move, this can be a great way to get pointers – would they recommend their moving company or have they heard about a better service offered by another company?

If this isn’t the case, you can find reviews of corporate moving companies online, on websites like Removal Reviews or Trustpilot. Moving companies will often feature customer reviews on their website, however they will naturally only feature the positive feedback and hide the more negative comments. Look for more recent reviews for a more accurate picture of the moving company.

Shop Around

While browsing a range of corporate moving companies is a good idea, it’s not enough. Many companies will advertise the lowest prices available to entice your business and then drive up your bill once you add all the services your business will need. It’s vital to get quotations from different companies for the same array of services to get an idea of what is a good price for the moving services you require. Most companies will offer free quotes, so this won’t cost you a penny and could save you a lump sum down the line!

You can request a quote today for free from Gerson Relocation to see what we can do for you and your business.


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