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Hot Topics on Global Mobility & Relocation Discussed At Industry Forum

We’ve come across a superb article recently at Gerson Relocation covering some of the hottest topics, trends and ongoing debates for global mobility and relocation professionals to be considering during 2016.
The article can be read in full here.

This article is important reading, in our opinion as leading provider of executive relocation, domestic moving and corporate relocation services in London and across the globe, as it covers an often overlooked area which spans across domestic and corporate relocation – provision for children.

The article above, which formed part of a wider international education forum, raises important questions about what’s available for children when considering international mobility for adults.

When it comes to international mobility, most families are usually at a top level, with private schooling for children, and those children not usually in the same school for more than five years.

Many international schools are now offered in different locations, but following the same curriculum, and covering diverse regions including the Middle East and beyond.

What’s becoming clear is that the relocation and mobility market is changing to support people: mobility teams have picked up on the hot topic of schools, education and curriculum consistency.

We believe that mobility teams should be advising people and assignees on best practice.

One of the questions that the article flags is that it could be possible that mobility needs to be brought up to speed in certain areas – education of assignees’ children will always be a hot topic.

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