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An Expert Guide to Goods In Transit Insurance for Removals

Protecting your belongings during a house move, particularly when your new house is overseas, isn’t just about wrapping and packing items with specialist materials and techniques. You also need to think about protecting your items against the risk that comes with transporting them from one location to another. That’s where goods in transit insurance is crucial. Read our expert guide for everything you need to know about insuring your possessions for your removal.

What is Goods in Transit insurance?

A goods-in-transit insurance policy provides financial protection for your personal belongings against the risks associated with the removal and relocation process. Typically, the risks covered in your policy will include accidental damage, fire, loss and theft during loading, transportation and unloading.

While it’s not a legal requirement, insuring your goods for the duration they are being transported is the best way to ensure a smooth transit for your most prized possessions. If you decide against coverage, then you could be left high and dry if your belongings are mishandled or damaged on their way to their destination.

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How much will the insurance cost?

As with all insurance policies, the cost of the policy varies depending on the value of the items being covered, the distance they are travelling and how long the removal is expected to take.

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Will my home insurance cover my possessions?

Some insurance policies may provide coverage for your belongings during the removals process, however many do not. Check your policy carefully to understand if there is any protection offered, and to what level/value the protection is. If your policy does not provide cover for the temporary removal of contents or has a low-level cap in place, you may decide to look for an alternative policy.

Are there any exclusions to be aware of?

It’s important to remember that the level of coverage and exclusions on an insurance policy will differ between providers, and you should make yourself aware of these terms before making a purchase. Generally, some of the exclusions that you will find on the insurance policies are:

  • Damage or loss due to unsuitable packing and wrapping
  • Confiscation of goods by the local government
  • Loss resulting from a loaded vehicle being left unattended
  • Damage resulting from climate changes or atmospheric conditions such as damp

In many cases, goods in transit insurance policies are only valid for those using a licensed, professional moving or relocation company. Completing the removal yourself could result in your policy becoming invalid, which would mean any damage is not covered.

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Are my belongings protected by the removal company?

Most moving companies will offer a basic form of insurance, such as marine loss or damage, as standard. However, the level and extent of the cover will vary. For additional peace of mind, many choose to purchase a goods in transit insurance policy. This will allow you to relax in the knowledge that your possessions are protected should the worst happen.

At Gerson Relocation, we provide various types of moving insurance cover that will allow you to protect your possessions whilst they are in transit. Whether you simply want to insure your furniture or something with a higher value such as fine art, we can provide a policy that is easy to organise and competitively priced. For more information about our moving insurance, get in touch with our relocation specialists on +44 (0) 203 837 5999.


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