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Global Mobility Key Trends 2014 Annual Report Now Available

Gerson Relocation is a proud member of the UniGroup Relocation Network, one of the world’s largest networks of interconnected move management, corporate relocation and destination services companies.
The annual RES Forum report on 2014 ‘Key Trends in Global Mobility’ is now available, and is an excellent resource tool written and produced by the RES Forum, UniGroup Relocation Network and Equus software.

The Res Forum is an independent international community of senior in-house HR professionals, with members in over 30 countries. This year’s Report contains analyses of all the survey data requested by members, as well as data from research conducted by the RES Forum around key Global Mobility (GM) issues affecting organisations and their current mobility programmes.

The top five key themes covered in the Report include:

  • Purpose, operating model & value of Global Mobility
  • Organisational Development & Talent Management
  • Programme Compliance & Duty of Care
  • Reward Package Design
  • Programme Management & Technology

Spanning more than 300 surveys on global mobility topics from the last 12 months, the data recorded by the RES Forum reflects key trends.

It’s a unique Report in the HR mobility space, incorporating research on both international HR and strategic talent management – we believe the Report will be an invaluable reference tool for any global mobility operation during 2014, on a strategic and day-to-day level.

If you’d like to receive a free copy of this Report, please contact Ashley Stagg on our Business Development Team, quoting ‘Blog Report Offer’ by emailing, or by telephoning him on 01707 648537.

If you’d like to find our more about Gerson Relocation and our corporate relocation and global mobility services, please feel free to contact us here.

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