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Find a home for more flexibility without losing control of the budget

Find a home for more flexibility

Lump sum moves don’t have to come with compromise. Yes, we understand the need for budget control and the importance of compliance. But we also recognise the value of choice for your assignees.

While choice and control seem like contradictions, it’s possible to offer both. Through effective programme management, our managed lump sum solution does exactly that.

It provides HR and GM teams with budget control and total cost visibility before the assignment. Not only reducing admin, it also helps manage policy and tax compliance throughout.

At the same time, we offer freedom of choice to assignees, ably assisted by our relocation management team.

Expertise and experience

Our relocation managers are experts, with many years’ global mobility know-how. And, when it comes to maximising budget, they’re eager to share their knowledge with your assignees. Be it advice, best practice or recommendations on how to manage spend, they’re on hand to guide you through the process.

What’s more, our approved Global Partner Network covers everything from home finding and shipping, to settling assignees into their new life. This means we not only know how to make the most of your budget, but we also have the insight to prioritise spend, based on assignee needs.

Freedom is imminent

We know that budget is one of the biggest barriers to successful lump sum programmes. We also know how to make the most of any relocation allowance – 80% of relocations via Gerson come in under budget. In addition, our approved network can deliver at each step throughout the move.

This means less admin effort for your HR and GM teams. It also means freedom of choice for assignees.

√    Freedom to allocate their allowance to suit their needs
√    Freedom to prioritise how and when services are delivered
√    Freedom to make the most of their assignment

As a result, you’re free to offer a managed lump sum solution without being bound by compromise.

Get in touch to find our more. We’re happy to discuss how our managed lump sum solutions can set your relocation programmes free.


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