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Working in Dubai from the UK – Guide to Visas

Many people are moving to Dubai thanks to very low tax rates and an abundance of job opportunities. If you are planning on working in Dubai after moving from the UK, you might be wondering how you can make the move and what will be required.

You will be pleased to know that many expats from the UK have decided to resettle in Dubai and the UAE, and you can too. However, you can’t work in Dubai while on a tourist visa. That’s why we have put together this guide to help you know everything you need before deciding to move to Dubai for work.

Is It Easy Working in Dubai from the UK?

You can work in Dubai if you are arriving from the UK, however you will need to be sponsored by a Dubai employer. As a result, it’s important you have a confirmed job offer before deciding to make the move from the UK. You are not permitted to work on a tourist visa, so it’s vital to take the right steps. Your employer will apply for the correct visa on your behalf following acceptance of a job role.

Working without a visa in the United Arab Emirates is illegal, so make sure you have everything in place before moving to Dubai. Your local employer will handle much of the process on your behalf but in order to secure a work visa you will need to meet the following requirements;

  • Proof of a work contract
  • Your application form filled out and completed
  • Emirates ID Card
  • Valid passport
  • Medical check and health certificate
  • Entry permit
Working in Dubai as a British Citizen

Do I Need to Speak Arabic to Work in Dubai?

The official language in Dubai is Arabic so being fluent in the language could significantly improve your job prospects. It is a particularly good skill to have if you are also fluent in English or another language and can translate for business purposes. However, other major languages spoken in Dubai include Hindi, Urdu, and Persian, while English is also spoken by many locals. You don’t need to speak Arabic to work in the country but there may be fewer job opportunities.

What Jobs are Available in Dubai?

If you are wondering what kind of jobs are available in Dubai and what skills are in demand, there is a wide range of roles and opportunities to be found. Dubai is known as a national and global business hub and has a thriving economy, with only 3% of the inhabitants registered as unemployed. This is great for the job seeker as it means that companies in Dubai often have to look overseas to employ new staff. Some of the leading industries in Dubai include;

  • Steelworks and aluminium
  • Construction
  • Boat and ship repair
  • Fishing
  • Petroleum and chemicals
  • Manufacturing
High-rise buildings of Dubai at night time

Where to Find a Job in Dubai?

A large number of people moving to Dubai for work do so with their current employer, with a number of large international companies located in the city. This can be one of the easiest ways to relocate, but if you are working for a smaller company this might not be possible.

There are still plenty of jobs advertised online though and you can find these through traditional job boards. One change you may notice in Dubai job adverts compared to the UK is that they can often ask specifically for gender, age or nationality in applicants. This is quite common in Dubai as there are not the same discrimination laws in place. There are some specific job websites for work in the UAE, which include;

However, these are not the only places to find work and you can often find jobs on UK websites. You can also apply for jobs directly through some of the large companies so it is worth checking the websites of companies like AstraZeneca, Etihad Airways and Microsoft Gulf.

Central Business District of Dubai lit up at night time

If you are planning on making a move to Dubai then make sure you get in touch with international relocation specialists. Gerson Relocation has plenty of experience in moving people to Dubai from the UK and we can help make sure you have everything you need. Get in touch with our team today for a quote.

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