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Why Sustainable Employee Mobility

Why Sustainable Global Employee Mobility?

In recent years, the need for sustainable initiatives from leading brands has taken centre stage across most industries. Inevitably, industries that include logistics and transport on any scale have received considerable scrutiny.  As an industry that involves both of these aspects, sometimes on a significant scale, many within the global mobility sector are left wondering what this means for them, their role, and the businesses that they work for.

What is sustainable global employee mobility?

Working towards sustainability within global employee mobility is similar to any other industry. The goal is to find methods and policies that enable your business to achieve its goals, whilst working to reduce your carbon footprint.

At first, this prospect might seem daunting. With the objective of moving people and their belongings across the world, it might seem impossible to find a way to reduce carbon emissions and an overall negative impact on the environment, but there are steps that can be taken that may not have occurred to you. Here, we’ll explore how your organisation can work towards a sustainable global employee mobility policy.

Implementing a sustainable global employee mobility policy

By simply identifying sustainability-friendly opportunities and options, businesses can quickly see how they can make positive changes from within. For global mobility managers, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming to do so, and often, finding small ways to make a difference is the best approach and can lead to bigger changes down the road. Here are a few simple and quick ways to look for opportunities to work more sustainably within mobility:

  • Opt to partner with suppliers or vendors who strive for sustainability, including hotels and travel providers
  • Consult travel specialists who can give you more information on your carbon footprint and how to offset it
  • Offer rewards and incentives for employees who travel regularly to find ways to make sustainable choices
  • Where possible, provide public transport passes to encourage regular use of this method of transport
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The benefits of striving for sustainable mobility

It’s important to make sustainable efforts for several reasons, and all of these will benefit your organisation in a variety of ways. Crucially, you should think about not only how these changes will impact the environment, but also how they will future-proof your business.

Talent Acquisition

 Many employees and potential future team members value the environment and pay attention to what their employers are doing to support these agendas. By ensuring that you work towards sustainable mobility, you can make sure that you’re not shutting out potential people from the organisation who would prefer to work with businesses that prioritise these efforts.

Market Reputation

When working to attract investors, customers, partners and so on, it’s important that you have a strong reputation in the market. Consumers and organisations of all types are beginning to be more selective when it comes to choosing the brands they want to support, and sustainability efforts can play a huge role in this.

A Common Goal

People’s core values matter, and aligning the vision of the business to these can have a significant impact on how employees and everyone within an organisation feel about what they do, and how it is achieved. When implementing sustainability objectives, it’s important to include the whole team, ask for their input and ideas, and let everyone know that you’ll all be working together to achieve sustainability.

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If you’d like to find out more about our sustainability efforts when it comes to global mobility and how we can support your business, get in touch with a member of our team.

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