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US lifts travel ban – America re-opening to travellers

The White House recently announced that the United States (USA) will ease its Covid-19 travel restrictions from early November, 2021.

This will allow fully vaccinated passengers from the United Kingdom (UK), most European Union (EU) countries and some other nations, including Brazil, China, India Iran, Ireland, and South Africa, will be able to travel more easily to the US, opening up the world for corporate travel.

Silhouette of business person in the airport with luggage

What does this mean?

Here, at Gerson Relocation, we are already seeing an increase in enquiries as many corporate travellers have long been awaiting this announcement and are getting in touch to benefit from our range of global mobility solutions.

However, with the current pressures on international shipping, we do strongly advise that you get in touch with your Gerson Relocation consultant and start planning your relocation to the USA as early as possible, so that we can help make your move to the United States as smooth as possible.

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View from Brooklyn Bridge, USA

Take a look at the most popular destinations in America that we move people to each year; New York, Chicago, Boston, Denver, Miami, San Francisco, Washington DC, Los Angeles.

Get in touch with a member of our global mobility team today for further assistance with your move to the USA.

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