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Trends In Global Mobility And Predictions For 2016 And Beyond

On our relocation blog this week at Gerson Relocation, we’re taking a look at emerging trends in global mobility for 2016 and beyond, further to coming across a useful article.

Whilst some of the traditional global mobility and company relocation services remain in demand, there are also notable shifts in the use and influence of technology being utilised by companies looking for corporate relocation services in London, the wider UK and global mobility in general.
As a leading business removals company in London, we utilise a huge range of technological devices, platforms and web-based tools to help us provide an industry-leading commercial moving service.
One of the biggest emerging trends is the use of mobile-first technology, to ensure that both assignees on the move and businesses requiring company relocation services are getting the quickest, most reliable and rapid response.
When it comes to corporate moves, Gerson Relocation takes a long-tern view to ensure that our technological infrastructure is able to cope with our clients’ corporate relocation requirements. Last minute solutions are usually costly.
We’re seeing an increase in demand from our corporate clients in 2016 already for fast and efficient executive relocation in London and across the globe: our corporate relocations are delivered on time and on budget.
As a London-based company, we understand that when sourcing international moving companies, many corporates require an efficient, tech-savvy and cost-effective human capital management company. Our focus is on this always.
Seeing some of the emerging trends in global mobility – and the fact that we’re already on top of many of these developments – is a welcome read.
The article with predictions for global mobility in 2016 we found was interesting and insightful, and can be reviewed in full here.
It’s important to note that as assignee’s and mobility teams become more pushed for time, with the rise in assignments changing to a more short-term basis with increasing emphasis on business travel, it might be worth reviewing the company software you use.
For example, ask yourself if you’re using software that can keep everyone involved in the delivery of global mobility services, updated in real-time.
If you’d like to find our more about Gerson Relocation and our corporate relocation, domestic relocation, international moving and global mobility services, please feel free to contact us here.


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