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Top Family-Friendly Places to Live in the USA

Choosing where to live in the USA while raising a family requires a little more consideration compared to choosing where to live without kids. From schools to safety, bringing up kids invites more questions and begs for a thorough evaluation before taking the leap. 

With many heading to the suburbs, moving to a city to raise a family may seem against the norm. Yet, US cities are home to many opportunities and are full of life, making them an inspiring place to grow up. To help you decide and answer those important questions about family life in the city, we’ve compiled the top cities in the USA for families.

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1. Ann Arbor, Michigan

Population: 118,087 

Median household income: $57,697 per year

Sitting at the top of our list of family-friendly places to live in the USA is Ann Arbor, Michigan. Its reputable schools and low crime rates make living in the city with a family an easy choice to make. With a giant university, Ann Arbor has a growing job market in the tech, medicine and auto industries. This city is home to one of the best hospitals in the country, Michigan Medicine, which is widely recognised for its quality of care. If recreation and an outdoor lifestyle are something your family is looking for, Ann Arbor’s 160 parks offer an excellent place to unwind with the kids and integrate with the community.

The downtown aerial image of Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan

2. Columbus, Ohio

Population: 906,528

Median household income: $58,575 per year

With an attractive low cost of living, Ohio is an affordable city for family life. Costs are less than the national average, which may make family life a little more secure. Not only is Columbus’ cost of living below the national average, but the crime rates here are also below the national average, which is a huge relief for parents with both young and teenage children. With excellent schools on offer as well, it’s no wonder Columbus is catching attention for being an excellent city to live in and start a family in.

City skyline over the Scioto River in Columbus, Ohio

3. Dallas, Texas

Population: 1.288 million 

Median household income: $58,231 per year

As one of the best cities to live in Texas, Dallas is popular with young professionals and families. The well-maintained streets and popular neighbourhoods give the people who live here a sense of pride in their city. With fantastic schools and ample outdoor activities, families can find a better way of life in Dallas. The community is sports-crazy, especially as Dallas is home to many professional and college teams. Heading to a game with the family is a fantastic way to settle into a new life in this friendly city.

Dallas’ business district showcasing skyscrapers

4. Atlanta, Georgia


Median household income: $69,164 per year

Another large city that offers ample opportunities for families in the USA is Atlanta. Recognised for its historical importance, this city is continuously growing thanks to its universities and exciting job opportunities. Atlanta is excellent for families because so many other families have already planted their roots here; in fact, around 20 per cent of the population of Atlanta is children. This high percentage makes the public school system a focus of local life and is acknowledged for its quality. Weekends in Atlanta are easy to fill, with parks, zoos, and museums across the city for the whole family to explore.

Sunrise over lite-up downtown Atlanta, Georgia

5. San Francisco, CA

Population: 850,282

Median household income: $87,701 per year

In every conversation about where the best place to live in the USA is, San Francisco is a regular feature, despite being renowned for above-average real estate prices. That is primarily because of its growing job market and economy, so it offers fantastic career opportunities. Salaries in San Francisco are some of the highest in the country.  Life for families in San Francisco is bright; the schools are well-funded and some of the best in the country. From the weather and recreational activities,  the outdoor lifestyle and options are perfect for families, despite being a large city. 

Skyline of San Francisco all the way to the river at sunset

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