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Tips on how to manage a small or mid size global assignment programme

How to manage a small or mid size global assignment programme video

We interviewed two heads of global mobility regarding their experience of managing small and mid sized global assignment programmes. The discussion was recorded as a webinar as part of a wider examination of this specialist area of Global Mobility. It also accompanies the guide to managing small and medium sized global mobility programmes which you can download,


A specialist global mobility skill set

As you will see from the video, managing this type of programme requires a specialist set of skills and a different mentality to working within and managing a large global mobility programme with well established processes. It also requires a different network of service partners from tax, immigration and relocation to make your global mobility programme successful.


Providing relocation support for global mobility teams managing small and mid size

Gerson Relocation is a specialist in managing relocation and moving programmes for companies with small and medium sized assignee populations. We work along in-house global mobility teams to support them with their relocation requirements. We offer flexibility, expertise and access to a global network of specialists such as immigration, tax, technology and advisory who are also perfectly set up for supporting smaller programmes.

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